When & How to Shave a Baby's Head With Ease

Shaving a Baby’s Head for Thicker Hair – Fact or Myth

Many people believe that shaving a baby’s head can make the hair grow thicker. If your baby has soft and gentle tresses, even you may want to shave his head hoping that your baby will have thick and dense hair later. While some of you may opt for shaving your baby’s head to promote good hair growth, others may do it as part of their traditional values. But does shaving a baby’s head actually promote hair growth or is it just a myth? Well, if you are wondering how true or untrue it is to shave baby’s head for thicker hair, we suggest that you go through the following article to know more on this topic.

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What Is the Right Age to Shave a Baby’s Head?

If you are planning to shave your baby’s head, it is recommended that you at least wait till your baby’s head becomes hard and firm. Babies are very unpredictable with their movements and shaving requires your baby to sit steady without moving. It may not only be difficult to shave your baby’s head, but it may also lead to various kinds of fatalities too. In some cultures, the ‘mundan’ or head shaving may take place as early as in the seventh month after birth, in other cultures, it may be done within the first, second, and in some cases even in the fourth year after a baby’s birth.

Why Should You Shave Your Baby’s Hair?

Right after birth, it is a common cultural practice in parts of Asia and Latin America to shave baby’s hair. While some people do this for religious reasons, others feel that the baby’s hair will grow back thicker and quicker.

Is There Any Risk of Shaving Baby’s Head?

Yes, there are some risks associated with shaving baby’s hair. Some people say that shaving over your baby’s soft spot could damage baby’s head, although it’s not scientifically proven. But, you should definitely be careful around the soft spots.

Can Shaving a Baby’s Head Make the Hair Grow Thicker?

If you think that shaving a baby’s head induces better hair growth, then think again.  Many experts are of the opinion that shaving does not promote good hair growth. This may be explained better by putting forward a scientific fact. The fact states, hair grows from the hair follicles, which are present beneath the scalp. When you shave the hair, it does not impact or affect the hair follicles. Thus if it does no good to the hair follicles, it does nothing to the hair too. In reality, your baby’s hair grows better after four months of age. Also, the texture and density of your baby’s hair may majorly depend on the genes, which mean if you have shiny and lustrous locks, there are good chances that your baby may have them too once he grows.

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Indian Tradition of Shaving a Baby’s Head

The tradition of shaving a baby’s head is followed in many countries. People of various cultures and ethnicities shave their baby’s head within a few years of their baby’s birth. It is also very much prevalent in Indian tradition and culture. Shaving a baby’s head is concerned with religious and auspicious sentiments. In many cultures, it is a sign of beauty and thus shaving may encourage healthier and stronger hair growth. As discussed above, there is no scientific evidence or proof that states that shaving may lead to better hair growth. However, hair may grow uniformly after shaving, which may render a uniform and healthier look to the hair.

Tips to Shave a Baby’s Head With Ease

A baby's head being shaved

Wondering how to shave baby’s head? If you are planning to get your baby’s head shaved, we suggest that you hire a professional to do the same. People who are experts in this field may know better about shaving. However, for your comfort, here are some tips that will help you get your baby’s head shaved without any difficulty:

  • The first and foremost thing to consider is your baby’s mood. Your baby should be in a calm and happy state when you plan to shave. It will be a good idea to do this during the daytime as babies are less cranky during the daytime.
  • Next in line is your baby’s comfort. If your baby is fairly young and unable to sit, make sure you make him lie down comfortably on your lap. If he is big enough to sit, make sure he is sitting on a comfortable surface.
  • Keep your baby’s toys and other things he likes handy to distract him. You can also sing or talk to your baby to help him stay calm. Try to feed your baby as sucking may help him feel better.
  • If your baby’s hair is too long, it will be a good idea to cut the hair short to make shaving easier.
  • Begin shaving in sections and move forward as one section gets over.
  • It will be a good idea to lather your baby’s head with a gentle shampoo as it may make shaving easier and will be done faster too.
  • If you are shaving your baby’s head with a razor then you may have to be extra careful as it may lead to cuts and bruises. Shaving your baby’s head with a trimmer will be a better choice as it poses a lesser risk of cuts.
  • When your baby’s head is being shaved, clean the hair that fall on your baby’s face as it may cause irritation or itching.
  • Once the shaving is over, you should give a warm water bath to your baby and get rid of all the fallen hair all over the body.

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What to Apply After Shaving a Baby’s Head?

After giving a good warm water bath to your baby, you can apply any good disinfectant on your baby’s head. The disinfectant will take care of any bruises or cuts that may have occurred during the shaving procedure. After that, you should moisturize your baby’s head with any good oil or moisturizer to prevent itching and dryness.

Should You Shave a Baby’s Head They Have Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is dry and dead skin that may be present on your baby’s scalp. Some parents may think that shaving may get rid of this condition. However, this doesn’t always work. Instead of shaving, you can use other measures to cure cradle cap such as using natural oils, medicated shampoos, and other preventive measures.

When Will Baby’s Hair Grow Again?

After you shave baby head, you will start to notice hair on their head within a month.

Shaving your baby’s head should be your choice, don’t do it because someone forces you to. Keep in mind that even if you do plan to shave your baby’s head, he should be prepared for it. Also, it would help if you consult your baby’s doctor first before and then take an informed decision.


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