Soft and Safe on Baby's Skin - The Diaper with a Difference

Soft and Safe on Baby’s Skin – The Diaper with a Difference

Babies have extremely fragile skin. The outer layer of their skin isn’t well formed yet and loses moisture more quickly than adult skin. This also means that any external irritants can penetrate their body more easily and cause harm. When you are picking a diaper for your baby, this is a consideration you must keep in mind. You need to find a diaper that’s suited to your baby’s gentle skin – one that is soft and also completely safe. But how can you ensure that the product you have been using meets these considerations?

To help you in this pursuit, we have consolidated the key qualities of a baby diaper. Your baby deserves only the best and it is your responsibility to keep him happy. Make sure to check your next diaper purchase for the following essential qualities.

Qualities of The Perfect Baby Diaper

1. Soft on Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby is so gentle and fragile that even the thought of his skin rubbing against something rough is scary! It is very easy for babies to develop skin rashes and infections as the top layer of their skin or the epidermis is still developing. It is 20-30% thinner than in adults. You should thus pick a diaper that uses ultra-sensitive material only.

2. Keeps The Baby Dry

What good is a diaper that cannot keep your baby dry? Many moms assume that diapers can keep babies from getting wet only for a very limited time. Leakage is the law of nature, right? No! If your baby’s diaper is designed well, they can work a little longer. Check for a diaper that has an extra layer for dryness so the wetness is pulled away instantly and your baby can be dry and happy.

3. Suitable for Your Baby’s Gender

Surprising as it may seem, diapers for boys and girls need to be different. The same thing won’t work for both. This is because while boys tend to wet the front area of their diaper more, girls wet the central region instead. This means that a one-size-fits-all is only going to make your baby uncomfortably wet. We recommend using Huggies Ultra-Soft Pants which are specially designed keeping the different needs of boy and girl babies in mind. You will also buy yourself some sanity!

4. Prevents Leakage

Finally, you also need to consider factors such as a diaper’s size and fit in order to prevent leakage. It is advised to choose diapers according to the baby’s weight and ensure that they fit comfortably. Choose a diaper-pant like Huggies, which is designed to fit like an underwear – snugly around your child’s bottom. Check the pack for picking the right size and have a talk with the paediatrician if you encounter any doubts.

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