5 Clear Signs That Your Baby is Stressed

5 Clear Signs That Your Baby is Stressed

Stress is the last thing on the planet that your little one should experience. Stress is solely responsible for a number of health complications in adults. The same may come true in case of your little one. Your bundle of joy can experience stress anytime between 4-6 months, the 5th month being the most crucial.

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Stress is primarily caused due to the underlying fact that your baby is growing at a rapid pace even after birth. These developmental processes will bring a certain amount of stress to your baby, but will be dealt naturally. However, your baby will not be able to cope up with all of it, and surely will show up some signs.

So, what could be the most visible signs or clear signs that your baby is stressed?

1. Watch Out for Baby’s Movement

Keep a closer look on your baby’s movement. A stretched hand towards you or the hand being on your baby’s forehead can prove a potential stress condition. You may often mistake it as a cuddle move or your little one is saluting you. These movements suggest that your baby is finding it difficult to calm down and needs help. Often, arching the back and neck can be a sign of mild stomach pain. A continuous yawn or hiccupping is definitely a sign of stress. Your baby will need attention for sure.

2. Eye-Contact Has Become Less Common

Imagine the case with yourself. Often you would not maintain eye contact while conversing; this shows your discomfort or dis-interest. The same goes with your child; after a wonderful eye-contact, your baby sways away. This means your little one wants a change and probably you should move a bit away. Over focus on the baby can also cause stress.

3. The Crying is Loud and Excessive

The meaning here is that you should be well aware of the continuous cries. Your little one will cry loudly and continuously only when the surroundings are stressful. Be it lights, sound or people, your little one may get stressed and you should immediately attend to it. Try using rattle toys, baby gyms and musical toys to soothe your baby and divert their attention. In particular, do consider buying a baby gym for your little one, as they not only help your little one stop crying, they have developmental benefits too.

4. The Diet Changes Are Getting too Much

Your child may now be advised a lot of formula foods other than the breast milk. This sudden change can cause a stress in the bowel movements. Watch out for frequent vomiting, constipation or excessive loose motion and help your little one. Consult with the doctor if these continue.

5. Sleep Has Become Elusive

Your little one may find it difficult to sleep at times and may jerk awake often. Maybe the dreams are scary. Attend to her soon! You can improve the quality of her sleep by getting a more suitable crib, possibly fitted with colourful toys, and a nice, cozy mattress. A white-noise machine can also be useful. Read this article to know why your baby loves white noise.

Pick up all possible signs from your baby and try to address them as soon as possible. Your baby will not know how to deal with the stress. A little snuggle and comfort can relive all the stress. However, an expert’s advice is always helpful.

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