5 Ways To Discipline Your Baby Early

5 Ways To Discipline Your Baby Early

Discipline is not equivalent to punishment. On the contrary, discipline has got nothing to do with it! Discipline is all about teaching and guiding your baby to do the right thing. Through discipline, children learn family values and how they should behave.

Remember this – your young one is still adapting. While you are trying to discipline a new born baby, it is important to keep in mind that your baby has entered this world just a few months back, and is learning to adapt to a lot of different things. At this stage, when you begin the process of disciplining your baby, it is very important to be warm, affectionate and firm whenever you teach your baby.

Check Out These 5 Ways to Discipline Your Baby Early

1. Whatever You Do Now Sets a Patern for the Future

Your first reaction to whatever your baby does will set the pattern for future behaviour. The first time your baby throws his bottle of milk of or pulls your hair, he will see and observe your reaction to his behaviour. This will then set the premise for future behaviour. At this stage, educating your child again and again about appropriate behaviour is the key. Of course, this requires a lot of patience.

2. You Need Not be Too Strict or Rigid

Always keep in mind that your baby is still very young. You may teach him what to do and what not to do, but being too strict is not at all recommended at this early age.

3. Practice What You Preach

If you intend to limit screen time of your baby which includes phone, laptop, iPad and TV, be sure to limit it yourself too. If you intend that your baby does not have any screen time at all during the first one year, make sure that you do not indulge in the same, especially when your baby is awake. ||

4. Do Not Criticize

Criticism has a very negative impact on your child’s mind. Under no circumstances should you criticise your baby. At this age, criticism kills the self-confidence of any child, and that is the last thing you want to do to your baby. Instead, keep repeating what behaviour is appropriate, and demonstrate the same behaviour to your baby.

5. Praise and Reward Your Baby

You may find this an extremely beneficial way of disciplining your baby. Consider that you are disciplining your baby to complete the bottle of milk all at once. When your baby manages to do so, praise him for displaying this behaviour. Reward your baby in the form of hugs, kisses or a walk in the garden. Communicate to your baby that the reward is for this particular reason. You may feel your baby is too young to understand you, but believe us, your baby understands everything!

Disciplining a baby requires a lot of patience. If done with warmth and affection, it leaves a positive impact on your baby’s mind, and the positive behaviour is ingrained in your child for life.

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