How Soon Can Your Baby Play With Stacking Blocks?

How Soon Can Your Baby Play With Stacking Blocks?

Kids love to play right from the day they are born. Obviously, the variation in the kind of play they are interested in keeps changing over the days, months and years. Playing with blocks is one of the most important games that kids need to play. This marks key developmental milestones in a child’s life.

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Why Are Stacking and Sorting Important?

Whether it is stacking of blocks one on top of the other or it is about sorting different shapes, these help your young one use his fingers in a coordinated manner. It also requires a lot of concentration on your baby’s end which definitely increases his thinking skills. Of course making a tower out of blocks and then slashing it through is also an all-time entertainer for your baby.

When Can A Baby Start Playing and Stacking Blocks?

Research has shown that between the age of 12 to 15 months your baby understands the concept of stacking, and his eyes, hands and brain are in the right stage of development to begin with this kind of play. Of course, initially, when you teach your baby, he may be able to stack only one block over the other and that is perfectly alright. By the time your baby is 18 months of age he will be able to stack 3 – 4 blocks on top of the other.

Age Chart of Playing with Blocks

1. At Six Months

You can make a tower using blocks in front of your baby. Observe your baby, he may go towards grabbing one block and also look at it very carefully. This is the right time to introduce colours as well. You need not expect your baby to respond, however remember all information is getting stored and is useful in the development of your baby’s brain.

2. At Twelve Months

Your baby can stack one block over the other. He will also try to explore further by banging the two blocks together and will enjoy the sound it is making.

3. At Eighteen Months

Your baby will actually start stacking around 4 blocks one over the other and will be able to build a tower out of it. Here is also learning how to balance one block over the other so that his tower does not fall. This involves using cognitive abilities and is very useful in the cognitive development of your child.

4. At Two Years

By now your child has completely learnt the process on building a tower and the structure he makes will be much taller and stable. By now his tower will be made of 7 to 10 blocks at a right. This is the right time to also teach your child to identify various colours and stack blocks according to colours.

The above mentioned developmental milestones are indicative in nature. There is nothing to worry if your child is unable to do a particular task at the age mentioned above. Do remember that each child is unique and different and will learn at different paces and times.

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