How Your Baby Fares in the Auditory Development Scale

How Your Baby Fares in the Auditory Development Scale

“I hear you mamma” – this would be the response of your little one when subjected to sounds. And by all means, you also want the same. Developmental milestones are the parameters that decide a baby’s growth. There are various milestones and each of them is placed perfectly on the growth chart. Each milestone is again divided into sub-parameters that measure its success rate. Auditory development is considered crucial as it contributes to one of the 5 basic senses. It would be pretty interesting to know how your baby fares in the auditory development scale, right?

This scale is developed in such a way that all the questions can be answered by a “yes” or “no”. Auditory development requires a lot of time and is spread out from 0-6 years. Each age will have specific measurability and your little one should pass all.

It is important to understand the scale and the measurability factors. Your little one will definitely cross each of them with ease provided you keep a check.

 0 – 3 Months

Your little one will always look around for you during this time. That’s because the baby wants the same warmth that was present in the womb. Only the mother can provide such an environment. Also, during these early months your baby will often get startled while responding to loud noise, shouting, etc. Thus, keep a check on the same.

 3 – 6 Months

This is a very crucial month as your little one may start responding to your voice! Human voice recognition will start during this time. The baby will now turn his head or ears to the source of sound. Hence, the baby will understand who is behind the particular sound. Going forward, your baby can also differentiate between an angry vs. calm voice. For example, a calm voice will always give your baby a sense of comfort and safety.

 7 Months – 1 Year

Your little one will become mature at the onset of the 7th month and will continue to develop the auditory skill set. The baby can now understand specific instructions like, “Come up”, “Go there” etc. Recite your favorite rhyme and you will see a million dollar smile on your baby. Your baby will have a special name. The name will be a sensation and your baby will respond in-line with the name. Mark the same at the end of 1 year.

2 Years Onwards

Two years is a wonderful pit stop to analyze your baby’s auditory development. Learning and knowledge go hand in hand. Your little one will now form sentences to express himself. From here it is only about the maturity of the auditory development.

Remember that each baby is different and will have its own pace to pick up auditory skills. A deadline of 2 years is usually enough to analyze this development. Any gaps found should be addressed through an expert.

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