Weight Gain during Second Pregnancy

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Are you planning a surprise for your kid by gifting him a little brother or sister? Sure he will be super-excited. Planning a second child could be exciting but dealing with pregnancy symptoms can make you nervous. So, are you ready to deal with the pregnancy vibes again? Let us assure you that you are not alone in the journey of second pregnancy.

Is Weight Gain During the Second Pregnancy Different from the First One?

No two pregnancies are same. Although you will be familiar with pregnancy symptoms after having your first kid, there are many things that will be different in the second pregnancy. One of the major differences in your second pregnancy will be related to your weight. In your second pregnancy, you might put on more weight as compared to the first pregnancy.

How Is it Different?

During your first pregnancy, the weight gain process could be slow, and your body may be fit, but in the second pregnancy, you may gain weight faster. However, the amount of weight could be extra or less depending upon the physique of the women.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, some women are likely to gain the same amount of weight which she gained during her first pregnancy. In some women, who could not shed their extra weight after having first kid, would gain some more weight because the starting point of that women is excess itself. You may even feel the movements of the baby much early as compared to first pregnancy.

What Causes More Weight Gain in the Second Pregnancy?

Here are some of the reasons which will help you to understand why you are gaining more weight in second pregnancy:

  • Being Overweight After the First Pregnancy

Very few women can conceive the second time with a fit body. This is because shedding extra weight gained during first pregnancy is difficult. To get fit requires lots of time and a routine workout, but unfortunately, lots of time is devoted to taking care of your growing kid. Therefore, women conceiving right after their first pregnancy could find it difficult to be physically fit and end up being overweight. In conclusion, it means that your weight will be more than that you have gained during your first pregnancy.

  • Baby Bump Starts Showing up Early

During your first pregnancy, your friends or family may not have realised that you could be pregnant until your bump would have started showing up and is prominent (15 weeks above). But in case of your second pregnancy, your belly would show up very early (between 12-15 weeks). The reason can be that the uterus does not go back to its normal shape after giving birth to the first child which means, when you are pregnant for the second time, it stretches faster.

  • The Position of the Baby is Lower

First pregnancy stretches out the abdominal and skin muscles and these muscles remain weak. As a result, during the second pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are unable to support your baby well in a comfortable position, which makes your baby positioned lower in the abdomen. This will not harm your baby in any way; the baby will be safe. But your baby being in this position could be both advantageous and disadvantageous for you. The advantage is that it will be easy for you to breathe and eat during second pregnancy as compared to the first pregnancy and the disadvantage is that it will increase the urination frequency. This could be due to pressure on the pelvic area and bladder.

  • Changes in Hormonal and Metabolic Activity

During your first pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes and but these changes happen slowly when you are pregnant for the first time. It includes all the physiological changes like weight gain, increases in the size of the uterus, changes in the skin tone, increase in pigmentation on skin etc. But during your second pregnancy, because your body has undergone all the metabolic and hormonal changes earlier, the body will react faster to the changes as compared to that of first pregnancy.

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Tips to Take Extra Care during Second Pregnancy

Follow these tips to take good care of you during your second pregnancy:

  • Eat healthy food during your second pregnancy also.
  • Consume lots of fluid, especially water and fresh fruit juices. Don’t go for preservative juices
  • Have lots of fibrous food and fruits in your diet.
  • With prior consultation with your doctor try to add easy exercises to your routine, at least a brisk walk will keep you healthy and fit.
  • Try not to bend during when you are pregnant, also don’t lift heavy things, it could increase back pain.
  • Try to comfort yourself by using a pillow in between your legs or place it behind your back for more support.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel suspicious about your body and health.

The second baby will bring lots of love and happiness to your family again. No need to worry about the physiological changes that happen during this period. If you workout daily and follow a diet plan before planning your second baby, you won’t gain additional weight in your second pregnancy. So, be assured and extend your family with the little angel!

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