Diwali Special Indian Sweets and Snacks Recipes for Children

Roundup: The 7 Best Diwali Recipes For Kids

Moms are always challenged by the varied taste palettes of the family members. We understand just that and present here a list of recipes that everyone at your home will love! The list of recipes for Diwali sweets and snacks can be exhausting, so we downsized the quick, easy to make and the most loved recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

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7 Diwali Recipes Your Kids Will Love!

Everything about Diwali is enjoyable and joyful for children. But the one thing every child looks forward to is the Diwali snacks! here are Diwali recipes for kids that will be an instant hit with your child and guests alike

1. Little Snowmen Rava Laddoo

Confession time! Rava laddoos are boring! Agreed they are easy to make, but with a little imagination you can make the humble rava laddoos much more appealing. Just stack two on top of each other and plug in eyes, nose and feet of dry fruits and nuts. Alternately, you could also place one laddoo after the other and make a “caterpillar laddoo”. You could try different shapes and make teddy bears, ducks, planets and a lot more with these delightful laddoos!

2. Kesar Pista Cookies

This Diwali snack is everybody’s favourite and can be deliciously addictive. The cookies are easy to make, versatile and scrumptious too. You can make the cookies even better by serving them with milk – the warm flavour will be delicious! These can be stored for a good period of time and can be your kids’ anytime snack.

3. Fruit Jellies

Though jellies are not a conventional Diwali dessert, jellies sure are the easiest way to make your kids squeal in delight. With jellies, moms get the freedom to try out different fruits and shapes. Try different moulds, arrange them in different patterns, a variety of fruits and you could end up making your own jelly story! The goodness of fruits and happy children guaranteed!

4. Oats-Coconut Murukku/Chakli

Chakli or murukku is another must on all Indian household’s list of recipes for Diwali snacks. Chaklis are a versatile dish and can be practically made of any flour. But did you know chaklis can be made super healthy by the addition of oats, coconut, almonds, seasame seeds, red rice and a lot more. Play around with the ingredients in your kitchen and make this Diwali extra healthy with Oats Chakli.

5. Choco Pedas

Who doesn’t love chocolate! And when chocolates are given the traditional twist in the form of pedas – family members of all ages are going to totally love you for preparing this dish! Easy to make, quick on the clock and absolutely delicious, the chocolate peda is sure to be on your list of Diwali sweet recipes for kids!

6. Semolina Veggie Appe

The appam/appe is another easy, appealing and versatile snack. Try out appes this Diwali but only add a little creativity to it by making chracters out of the appe. Add carrot legs, coriander hands and pepper eyes and watch your kids love the appe run around on their plates.

7. Gajar Halwa

Diwali comes in winter, and one of the veggies you’ll find in ample quantities in winter is carrots. So why not make yummy hot gajar halwa for your kids? This is one Diwali sweets recipe that will definitely be unique from the regular traditional spread of Diwali snacks. You can make it extra healthy by adding jaggery instead of sugar. also add a good handfull of dry fruits and nuts like raisins, pistachios, cashewnuts, walnuts, etc. While most desserts are served cold, you can serve halwa hot, so there will be no stress over whether your children will catch a cold over this dessert!

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