How to Keep Your House Clean with Toddlers Running Around

Toddler and a Clean House – Totally Possible!

It’s often said that toddlers make keeping a house clean and tidy very difficult. They have their stuff lying everywhere and only seem to mess up what you’ve just tidied. If you’re the one who does the cleaning, you end up feeling exhausted and guilty for scolding them. So does this mean that a clean house isn’t possible until your little devils have grown up? Not in the least!

Quick and Easy House Cleaning Tips for Homes with Children

1. Pick and Drop

For managing toys and books your toddlers leave strewn around, just take a large bag or a laundry basket and use it for storing them. Tie a string at the centre so that they can drag the bag/basket on their own. Instruct them to put all their belongings in it whenever they’re done playing. You can also give their old toys to needy children and relatives who have kids.

2. Engage Them in Cleaning Games

Play innovative games with your children like asking them to put red things in a basket, then green ones, and so on. You can ask them to identify different shapes too. For instance, tell them to put in round toys first and then rectangular ones. This method can enhance their cognitive and motor skills. You can also engage them further by asking them to help their elder siblings with tidying up.

3. Make Cleaning Fun

Many mothers ask how to clean the home with toddlers running around. The answer is to relax, switch on your favourite music, and move to the rhythm while cleaning. You can also get your little ones to dance and sing with you. They’ll love this new adventure and will be more than willing to pick up stuff off the floor. Hand them colourful little brooms and cute dustpans to make the task more fun.

4. Let Your Children Help as Often as Possible

Give your toddler the freedom to play but let him know that they must clean up after. Kids are very clever, even toddlers, and they’ll soon make the connection. Just watch!

5. Appreciate Their Help by Showing It

Motivate your toddlers by appreciating them. Show them how proud you are of them when they help you. Pamper them with cuddles and treats when they lend a hand. Praise them in front of guests and let them see just how happy they make you by helping out.

With a little creativity, you can make your tiny tots understand the concept of picking up after themselves. Children love to help out but they need to be encouraged. Motivate them by coming up with new and creative ways to clean.

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