Numerology Baby Names with Meaning

Wow! Find Out What Indian Numerology Reveals About Your Baby’s Name!

Simply put, numerology is the study of numbers. It is believed that there is a unique relationship between numbers and all objects in the universe. Every number has certain meanings associated with it, and this is what numerologists study. But what has this got to do with your baby’s name? Well, as per numerologists, the number value of your baby’s name can actually play a significant role in his future life, career and relationships!

We take a lot of factors into account when we name our baby. Our religious roots, our likes and dislikes, our ancestors and hereditary links – everything comes into the picture. And then again, some of us simply go with a name that sounds just right to us.

However, numerology is one branch of science that correlates every decision and every situation with numbers. As per this science, the number value of your baby’s name can have long-lasting repercussions on his future life.

How To Find The Number Value of your Baby’s Name

Numerology assigns a number from 1 to 9 to each letter in the alphabet, as follows:

A, J and S


B, K and T


C, L and U


D, M and V


E, N and W


F, O and X


G, P and Y


H, Q and Z


I and R


Step 1:

Get all the numbers for the letters in your baby’s name

Step 2:

Add all the numbers together

Step 3:

If the name results in a double-digit, add the separate digits together. For example, if the total comes to 35, the final number value is 8

Note: If the total comes to 11 or 22, do not add the digits together. These are called “master numbers” and have a special meaning.

What Your Baby-Name’s Number Actually Means

Number 1

Top Trait: Leadership
Not surprisingly, the number 1 is associated with leadership! Your baby has a lot of inner strength and potential for accomplishments – something that will only grow as he grows!

Number 2

Top Trait: Kindness
Your baby is likely to be co-operative and adaptable to different situations. This means he takes to changes in his schedule or traveling more kindly than fellow babies! Number 2 is also connected to goodness and kindness, so your little darling probably has a heart of gold.

Number 3

Top Trait: Social Skills
Hey there, mommy to a social butterfly! Number 3 babies are extremely sociable and express themselves well from an early age. There is a good chance that your baby will be inclined toward the arts, especially writing and anything that involves imagination.

Number 4

Top Trait: Discipline
Babies under number 4 are usually associated best with discipline. They are sincere, practical and hard-working – qualities that will help them in any and every field, and take them toward their goal. You will be able to spot your little one bringing order into fights and spats even as a toddler!

Number 5

Top Trait: Adventure
You have a baby with adventure in his heart, soul and brain – number 5 babies are full of life! Your child will just love his freedom which means he can easily get bored of routine. You will have to keep working at finding new and fun things-to-do to keep him engaged.

Number 6

Top Trait: Responsibility
Congrats mommy, your baby is an extremely responsible and conscientious little human! Number 5 people take their sense of civic sense and responsibility very seriously, which also means that family is very dear to them. They will never shy away from following their duties the best they can.

Number 7

Top Trait: Curiosity
What a brilliant mind your baby has! Number 7 babies are very inquisitive and curious by nature and want to find out more about everything. It is this quest to seek knowledge that makes them excellent in scholarly pursuits. While they may seem withdraw and a bit reserved to others, it is only because their mind if busy figuring things out.

Number 8

Top Trait: Practicality
If your baby’s name-number is 8, he is likely to grow up into an ambitious and confident young man/woman. Such people do not believe in just idle planning but want to execute things and see them take shape. They are very practical in their approach and know how to make things happen.

Number 9

Top Trait: Compassion
The world can learn a lot from people like your child – a sense of compassion, love and sensitivity to other’s feelings! People under number 9 know how to serve others selflessly and be tolerant even toward those they dislike or disagree with.

Number 11

Top Trait: Idealism
If your baby has this master number as his name-value, be prepared to have an idealist at hand! Your baby will be a dreamer, the man/woman with a mission, who has the ability to come out tops in whichever field he chooses. There is something deep and philosophical about your baby and you should be able to see the signs from an early age.

Number 22

Top Trait: Charm
Ah, what a little charmer you have at home! Number 22 babies have magnetic personalities that people cannot help warming to. Along with charm, another trait they have very strongly is a sense of the problem and the keen-ness to figure out a solution. They are not likely to give up easily.

Wasn’t that fun? Whether or not we believe in numerology, it is always exciting to find new predictions concerning our little darlings. Do any of these predictions seem to be coming true for your baby? Do tell!

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