What Your Baby's Day of Birth Predicts About His/Her Personality

Here’s What Your Baby’s Day of Birth Predicts About His/Her Personality

How will your baby’s personality turn out to be? Will he grow up to be like you, your husband, or unlike anyone else in the family? As moms, these questions enthrall and mystify us as we watch our little kids learn to babble, take tiny steps, go to school and eventually become taller than us! While concrete answers to these questions come only in time, your child’s day of birth can reveal some very interesting secrets…born on days of the week

Our ancestors believed that the seven days of the week are ruled by seven different planets. This ruling planet can influence your character and behaviour, thus determining the kind of person you grow up to be. So, what is your child’s ruling planet? Can being born on days of the week help you foresee their future personality?

The well-known 16th-century nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child” emphasizes the importance assigned to each day of the week, imbuing them with profound meaning.

Monday’s child is fair of face

Tuesday’s child is full of grace

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Thursday’s child has far to go

Friday’s child is loving and giving

Saturday’s child works hard for a living

But the child who is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay

What the Day of the Week a Baby is Born On Reveals About Him/Her

Here are days of the week birth meaning for you. Whether you are a believer or not, we guarantee this is irresistible!

1. Monday – Moon Baby

Outstanding Traits: Moody & Emotional

Moody baby

If your baby was born on Monday, you may very well have to deal with a moody child! While all kids are prone to mood swings in their growing years, Monday babies have moods as changeable as the moon! But that aside, they are also kind, adaptable and emotional, sometimes overly so. Help your child tackle over-possessiveness by making them feel secure and loved.

Whether or not we believe in numerology, it sure is exciting!

After the day of birth, find out what your little one’s birth date reveals about his/her personality!

2. Tuesday – Mars Baby

Outstanding Traits: Moody & Emotional

Outstanding Traits: Enthusiastic & Energetic

Enthusiastic & Energetic baby
Your bundle of joy will be quite the fighter! Tuesday children are usually bursting with energy and enthusiasm, which, if channeled positively, makes them hard-working and dedicated toward their goal. Note that they can also be impatient and pushy if not contained – moms have to play a big role here in helping them manage their anger.

3. Wednesday – Mercury Baby

Outstanding Traits: Inquisitive, Talkative & Restless

Restless baby

The middle of the week brings along a restlessness for the weekend, doesn’t it? Well, experts believe that Wednesday babies display the same kind of restless, questioning spirit. Your child is also likely to be very talkative and logical, though occasionally careless. Keep them away from useless gossip!

4. Thursday – Jupiter Baby

Outstanding Traits: Independent & Free Thinker

Independent & Free Thinker baby

Astrologers think you have among the luckiest stars! Babies born on this day are likely to be blessed with happiness, independence and positive thinking – necessary qualities to excel in life. On the flip side, your child may also be sharp-tongued and extravagant in his spending as he grows up. Help him understand the importance of balance and moderation by being a good role model yourself.

5.Friday – Venus Baby

Outstanding Traits: Artistic & Social

Artistic & Social baby

All things artsy and creative define and enthrall your baby! Friday children are attracted to beauty, colours, elegance and art. They have a greater probability of growing up to be social, aesthetic people, though their personality may have traces of laziness. Keep them on their feet with physical activities and household chores.

6. Saturday – Saturn Baby

Outstanding Traits: Practical & Balanced

Practical & Balanced baby

This is one of the most curious days to be born in as it is said to tone down the influence of all the Zodiac signs! Thus, Saturday kids have been known to be practical and balanced, if a little suspicious of the people around them. You may also see streaks of jealousy in your child from time to time; just assure them Mamma loves them a lot!

7. Sunday – Sun Baby

Outstanding Traits: Creative, Happy & Bold

Creative, Happy & Bold baby

Much like the sun, your baby will be like a ray of happiness and brightness in your life – all life long! Children born on Sunday have an innate desire to do the extraordinary and are hence creative, bold and powerful in their conduct. Make sure you help them keep loud or overbearing behaviour in check – a problem with Sun babies.


1. Which Day of the Week Is Considered Lucky to be Born?

Searching the answer to which day born baby is lucky? Well, Sunday, governed by the Sun, marks the beginning of the week. Those born on this day are considered particularly fortunate. This is not only due to the inherent auspiciousness of Sunday but also because the Sun, as the paramount celestial body, exerts a significant influence on individuals born under its dominion.

Going through this list has been a thrilling journey for our team – a lot of hits and “yes, that’s me!” moments included! Shaping your baby’s personality is no mean feat, and if you can get some extra help from the stars, there’s really no reason to reject it!

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