Games to Improve Memory and Concentration in Young Children

Playing Memory Games With Toddlers

Getting toddlers to enhance their memory can go a long way in assisting them in their lives. Given the benefits of playing memory games with toddlers, it’s important to play them regularly. They’ll also help you bond with your tot better while improving his memory skills.

There’s no denying the fact that a good memory can help one excel in different spheres of one’s life. It’s important that you work towards enhancing this skill in your toddler from a very young age. Doing it with games and play will make it much easier to learn.

The Advantages of Educational Memory Games for Toddlers

  • Improved concentration
  • Exercise for the brain
  • Better attention span
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Quicker thinking skills
  • Improved focus
  • Enhanced brain functions
  • Training for visual memory
  • May prevents memory related problems

Memory Learning Games for Toddlers

  • Spot the Missing Object

    You can easily play this game with everyday household things. Place them in front of your toddler and ask him to name the objects. Once this is done, tell him to close his eyes. Hide one of the objects from the group. Ask your tot to open his eyes and let him tell you what the missing object is. This is a great brain exercise to improve memory. Keep in mind that your child may take some time to get acquainted to the game. Continue playing it using different objects.

  • Matching from Memory

    This is an awesome exercise to improve memory and concentration in children. If you can get flash cards, there’s nothing like it. Start by placing three pairs of cards face down on a table. Ask your toddler to open the first card and call out what he sees. Then, ask him to open the next card. If the card is identical to the first one, he can keep both the cards. However, if the card is different, he needs to place the two cards back, face down. Encourage him to continue until he’s paired up all the cards.

  • Talk as You Walk

    Take your little one for a walk in the neighbourhood. Point out the houses of his friends and tell him who lives where. He may take a few days to get accustomed to the game. Once he seems ready enough, point out a house at random and ask him whose it is. Try to do this as often as possible. It’s an easy game to improve working memory in children.

  • Sorting It Out

    Sorting games can also help in boosting the memory and concentration of a toddler. Get a few flash cards that look similar but have slight variations. Make sure each card has an identical pair to go with. Hand them over to your little one and ask him to sort them out into the correct pairs. You can also use identical balls or bowls in three different colours and have him sort them into proper piles.

Playing memory games with toddlers can sharpen their ability to concentrate as well as memorize. The earlier you start, the better your child can grasp ideas and concepts.

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