PlayDoh Allows Limitless Creativity for My Child

When it comes to indoor play time, I really like toys that couple learning with playing & allow for limitless creativity. Play-Doh definitely fits that category. It is fun to play with & helps develop fine motor skills & hand eye coordination. It also stimulates a child’s imagination. ? A lot of schools incorporate play-doh in their activities too. In fact, the first time Karma played with it, was when she joined an early learning centre at the age of 16 months. Since then we have started keeping sets at home. Karma really enjoys the make and measure set from play doh’s shape and learn range. It has tons of different activities that she can do aside from moulding and cutting shapes. She loves dropping the clay insects she makes into the measurement tubes with the tweezer. Also really liked the design pen. Just flattens out some play-doh and then draws on it. It’s great to see her use her understanding of how it works along with her imagination to make it her own!

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