Eating Oats during Pregnancy – Is It Harmful?

Advice to eat healthily comes from every single corner of the world, especially if you pregnant for the first time. Oats are a healthy option in everyday life, no doubt. And a pregnant woman does require a diet that is healthy and nutritious for herself and the baby. But. the doubt of whether oats can be a part of your diet can be on your mind, too.

Can You Eat Oats in Pregnancy?

The short answer to that question is a resounding YES! Oats are absolutely safe to be consumed during pregnancy. Oats are known to contain a lot of important nutrients that are quite essential for a budding mother in the prenatal stage. This makes oats one of the top items in the list of food a pregnant woman should have.

Benefits of Eating Oats while Pregnant

Some of the benefits of this high-fibre food are,

  • Great Energy Source

Pregnant women need a regular dose of energy throughout the day. Just a small serving of oats contains enough carbohydrates and calories to give a great boost of energy in the day.

  • Presence of Complex Carbohydrates

As opposed to the simple carbohydrates in everyday food items, these carbohydrates take time in breaking down and digest slowly. This keeps your blood sugar level and a healthy level and prevents any chance of gestational diabetes from occurring. A slow digestion process also ensures a gradual and healthy weight gain.

  • Fibrous Constituents

Oats have a considerable amount of fibre in it. For all pregnant women suffering from the usual bouts of constipation, this is a godsend since fibre helps in regulating the process of digestion and improve bowel movement.

  • Vital Minerals

Potassium, phosphorous, calcium, selenium, are just some of the minerals that are part of oats. Each of them has tons of benefits right from improving your immunity, to boosting your bone health, as well as strengthening the formation of the tooth, consequently ensuring great development and growth of your baby.

  • Necessary Vitamins

Healthy insides and healthy outsides are what keeps all pregnant women happy. With the presence of vitamins like B1 and E, all the fat and protein in the body is broken down in an efficient manner, which also keeps all the membranes of the mucus healthy and strong. Being an antioxidant itself, Vitamin E assists your body in detoxing itself and reducing damage, which keeps your skin healthy and your face glowing with happiness.

  • The Greatness of Folic Acid

Out of all vitamins and minerals, folic acid is one that no pregnant women ever forget. It is highly essential in the development of the nervous system and the brain of the foetus and avoids any disorders from occurring. And it is present in oats as well.

  • Good Old Iron

No more risk of being anaemic, when simply one serving of oats on a daily basis takes care of 10 percent requirement of iron. Complemented with a great diet, this is a great boost to maintaining your health.

Ways to Add Oats in Your Pregnancy Diet

Here are some simple ways to add oats to your diet during pregnancy.

  1. The Classic Way

Oats are best enjoyed with hot milk and water, with a small teaspoon of honey in it. Further accompanied by some nice vegetables and adding some vanilla essence if that suits you, can make for a heavenly breakfast.


  1. No More Traditional Flour

The usual maida is not exactly a healthy option during pregnancy since that can easily add to your weight and increase the risk of diabetes. Simply using oat flour instead of it can help you make healthy alternatives to various cakes, bread, cookies, and most of the other dishes that can be made using maida.

  1. Grab Those Bars

Now is the time to take as many granola bars as you can and chew on them as a quick snack. These bars not only contain oats but other nuts and berries as well, which make for a nutritional and energetic bite.

  1. Oats Can be Tasty, Too

Most people are introduced to oats in its bland and health-conscious form. A little experimentation will quickly reveal the flavours that complement the taste of oats impeccably. Some cinnamon powder, maybe a little maple syrup, milk, cream, ice-cream, fruits, brown sugar, and many others are great to be paired with oats and make them tasty.

  1. Be a Master Chef

Cooking oats is a no-brainer since there is literally no complexity to how they need to be cooked. Go ahead and try out various permutations and combinations to unlock that secret dish that is not only healthy but great to taste, too.

Side Effects of Consuming Oats when Pregnant

For all the health benefits of oats, there are some side effects one can experience, even while consuming oatmeal during pregnancy first trimester.

  • Consuming oats excessively is known to cause indigestion and diarrhoea in a few cases. Limit the quantity to a healthy proportion.
  • Certain women have experienced a blocked intestine by consuming a lot of oats. This is a serious problem during pregnancy and should be addressed immediately.
  • If you are allergic to gluten and are pregnant, then there are chances of you being allergic to oats as well. Try and find alternatives if you can.

With any food item or consumable, as healthy as it might be, moderation is always the key. Oats are definitely a great addition to your diet, but cannot be your main source of all nutrition and energy. Complement them regularly with your standard foods and make for tasty snacks whenever possible.

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