Top 10 Family Tattoo Ideas, Designs & Symbols

Top 10 Family Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Symbols

Tattoos are permanent pieces of art on your skin. Most tattoos mean something or signify some emotion, thought, person, event, achievement or milestone. People learn from their family and family is often one’s support system, so choosing to get a tattoo to showcase gratitude and love is the ultimate form of expression. Tattoos are versatile and can be modified as per your desire to convey the message. It can be in the form of symbols, drawings, pictures, script, numbers, names, message, or just anything. The list is endless of the type of tattoos one can get.

What Are Different Types of Family Tattoos and Symbols?

Tattoos are versatile and can be of numerous types and symbols. You can choose any design or symbol from many family tattoo designs available, it just needs to mean something to you and represent your feelings for your family. Just remember, the tattoo will be there forever, so it has to be meaningful and relatable to your feelings for your family. Any tattoo you get, whether it is a symbol, picture, illustration or script, should remind you of the reason you choose it for. As you might be choosing a family tattoo for the first time, go through the types of family-themed tattoos, designs and ideas and then finalise the one which best represents your feelings.

The types of family tattoos and symbols are:

  • Family pictograph
  • Family quote
  • Family tree
  • Family logo or symbol
  • Family motto
  • Family moments
  • Ohana

10 Unique Family Tattoo Ideas That Show Your Love

Below are 10 unique and meaningful family tattoos that show your love for your family.

1. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is one of the most simple family tattoo ideas. This tattoo signifies endless and eternal love. The simple infinity symbol outline is ideal for people who don’t want an elaborate tattoo. You can also customise this symbol by adding the word “family” to it or by adding other images like feathers to it. The infinity symbol is subtle and elegant and you can get it on your wrist, shoulder, arms or neck.

Infinity Symbol

Source: Pinterest

2. Baby Footprints

This heart-warming tattoo is ideal for parents who want to show their love for their children or babies. The tiny footprints represent their steps towards parenthood, symbolising their beautiful journey with their kids. Small baby feet can be inked in conjunction with the names of the children. Little hearts can also be added to showcase love. The numbers of footprints are usually the same as the number of children in the family, and one can always add more footprints when more kids are born.

Baby Footprints

Source: Pinterest

3. Family Tree

The best way to show your love for your family in ink is to get a tree symbol as a tattoo. Through this tattoo, the entire family is represented together. The family tree can be represented symbolically through a tree. Use the trunk for the names of your grandparents or just the family name and you can add the names of other family members to the branches of the tree.

Family Tree

Source: Pinterest

4. Ring Finger Family Tattoo

Ring finger family tattoo is one of many cool family tattoos and small family tattoo ideas. It is ideal for  people who want a minimalistic tattoo. The word ‘family’ inked on the ring finger signifies the loved one has for their family. The vein in the ring finger is supposed to be connected directly to the heart, so a tattoo on that finger represents eternal love for family. Add a little heart to the tattoo to make it more meaningful.

Ring Finger Family Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

5. Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephants are known as family-oriented animals, so getting a tattoo of an elephant family signifies your love and commitment to your family. Elephant family tattoos are adorable with parent elephant accompanied by cute baby elephants. The number of baby elephants can be as per the number of children you have or in case you are making it for your parents, then the number of siblings you have. The tattoo can have different variations as per personal choice.

Elephant Family Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

6. Family Together

This adorable family tattoo has every member of the family drawn together. A simple line or sledge on which all the family members are sitting together signifies the strong bond the family shares. You can go for just a black outline design or a colourful one, depending on your choice.

Family Together

Source: Pinterest

7. Family Quote

Getting a tattoo with a quote on family is ideal for people who want to proclaim their love and loyalty to their family. Meaningful quotes can be enhanced with beautiful calligraphy fonts and feathers or hearts can be added to it.

Family Quote

Source: Pinterest

8. Important Years

This important year tattoo is another version of the family tree tattoo with the tree replaced by lines and names replaced by birth dates of family members. This simple and meaningful tattoo representing the family tree is one of the good family tattoo ideas.

Important Years

Source: Pinterest

9. Heart Rate

Heart rate tattoos signify that the members of the family are eternally connected and they live in your heart. This is often done in pairs so it is one of the popular matching family tattoo ideas. You can have a heartbeat tattoo for any member of the family. A variation can be created by adding the name of a family member next to the heart rate.

Heart Rate

Source: Pinterest

10. Ohana Family

Ohana family tattoos are one of the cute family tattoos that signify the love and bond one has with family. A simple script tattoo with “Ohana” inked along with the fingerprints of family members is enough to tell everyone how much you love your family.

Ohana Family

Source: Pinterest


Some FAQs about family tattoos:

1. What Does a Family Tattoo Mean?

A family tattoo signifies the love and bond one shares with their family. Though, some person may do it for a different reason like remembering some life event or to gain strength.

2. What is the Average Cost of a Family Tattoo?

The cost of family tattoo varies from design to design, and the skill of the tattoo artist. The cost may range from $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the design.

3. Is There Any Universal Tattoo Symbol for Family?

Heart-shaped tattoos can be used as universal tattoo symbol for the family.

4. Where to Place a Family Tattoo?

A family tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. Most common areas are the chest, forearm, ankle, neck and collar bone. However, if one wishes to show their love for their family to the world then it should be inked on any visible part of the body like the wrist, neck, etc.

5. Which Animal Tattoo Symbolises Family?

Elephant tattoos can symbolise family, as elephants are found mostly in packs. They are protective and loyal to their pack, making them family-oriented.

Family tattoos are the best way to show your family members how precious they are to you and how much you love them. With so many family tattoo ideas and symbols, choose the one which best suits your feelings. A tattoo is forever and so is your love and pride for your family, so choose a tattoo which best represents your feelings and eternal love for your family.

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