13 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Moms To Permanently Ink Your Love For Your Child

13 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Moms To Permanently Ink Your Love For Your Child

A tattoo is as immortal as your love for your child. Here are some fabulous tattoo ideas for moms to wear your heart and love for your child on your sleeve!

Tattoos are perhaps the only worldly thing that you can actually take with you to your deathbed. They are permanent, eternal, and hence used by many as a form of individualism and expression. Getting a permanent tattoo can be a big concern for many people – how can you get something inked on your body permanently, forever, which will never change, when life itself is so dynamic?

But there are some things that never change in life – your love for your child is one of them. You may temporarily be enraged by the things your child says or does, but nothing they ever say or do will ever make you not love them or not care for them anymore.

So why not turn your love for your child into a tattoo?

13 Tattoo Ideas for Moms to Declare Their Love for Their Baby!

Here are some unique and cool tattoo ideas for moms that will help you profess your eternal love for your child to the whole world!

1. Name Ambigram

An ambigram is an image that looks upright even when it is turned upside-down. For example, if you turn a square upside-down (i.e. if you rotate it through 180o), it will still look like a square. But if you turn a triangle resting on its base upside-down, it will now rest on its apex.

tattoo ideas for moms - ambigram

Source: http://www.tattooshunt.com/tattoos/ambigram/page/623/

Not only images, but even letters can be made to look like an ambigram. The above image reads ‘rahul’ whether it is correct side up, or upside down. You can get a similar ambigram of your child’s name and your name designed and then tattooed on your wrist or arm.

2. Roman Birthdate

The birth of a child marks a significant day in your life – it is the day that gave birth to you as a  mother,  along with your baby being born too. A day that changed your life forever. You can get the birthdate of your child as a tattoo. To make it more interesting, you can write the birthdate in Roman numbers, or binary code.

tattoo ideas for moms - roman birthdate

Source: http://www.thetattoohut.com/pin-up-calendar-ideas/cGluLXVwLWNhbGVuZGFyLWlkZWFz/

Calculating a birthdate in roman numerals may be difficult. So here’s a chart to simplify the process.If the birthdate you want to get tattoo-ed is 30th November 1988 (30.11.1988), it will be –


30 = XX
11 = XI
1988 = 1000 + 900 + 80 + 8 = M + CM + LXXX + VIII

3. Name in Infinity

They say – “Once a mother, always a mother”. Now that you are a mother, there is one person in your life that you will always love. Your child is one person in your life who is never going to be without your care and attention. If there is a time when women understand the meaning of the word ‘forever’, it is after they become mothers. So why not put your infinite love for your child into a tattoo?

tattoo ideas for moms - name in infinity

Source: https://www.fashionlady.in/best-infinity-tattoos-that-you-can-never-say-no-to/36323

You can insert your child’s name into the infinity sign. This is a very symbolic tattoo and will show just how much you love your child!

4. Sound Wave

When you record sound, digitally it looks like a ‘wave’ – much like the wave formed by a beating heart on an electrocardiogram. So why not turn that into a tattoo?

tattoo ideas for moms - soundwave

Source: http://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/soundwave-tattoo-designs-for-men/

You can get your child to say your name, or say that she loves you. You can even tattoo the sound wave of the first time your baby chuckled, or even your baby’s first cry as she was born in the hospital.

5. Heartbeat

Another popular trend among many parents is to get their child’s heartbeat tattooed on their wrist. What could be more singular than your child’s heartbeat?

tattoo ideas for moms - heartbeat

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

You can make this one more interesting by adding your child’s name, initials, or any other special details in continuation of the heartbeat.

6. Fingerprint

Those tiny hands and feet, those tiny fingers and toes of your baby are one of the cutest things that any and every mom loves to observe and keep staring at for hours together. Fingerprints of your child can make for another singular tattoo idea.

tattoo ideas for moms - fingerprint

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

7. Mommy and Baby Animal

If your child is old enough to have a favourite animal by now, you can get a cute cartoon of the animal tattooed. Mumma and baby elephants, mumma and baby squirrel, or a dog and a puppy, cat and kitten… you get the drift.

tattoo ideas for moms - momma-baby animal

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

8. Your Honeymoon Date/Date of Conception

Confused? Well, every couple likes to track back the moment of conception of their child, once they find out that they are pregnant. And because that was the day that your child was ‘created’ so to speak, doesn’t it make that day a special day? While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact date of conception, we are sure you can make a pretty good guess. 😉 The date of conception of your child might hence be a great tattoo idea. It will also be unique!

9. Portrait

A really skilled tattoo artist can tattoo your baby’s portrait on you! Nothing better than having a picture of your baby on you forever, no?

tattoo ideas for moms - portrait

Source: http://www.inkedone.com/tattoo/child-portrait-by-valentina-ryabova


10. Your Child’s Drawing

Do you remember what your child’s first drawing was? Was it an apple? A tree? A bird? You can immortalise your artist’s first creation by getting a tattoo made out of it.

tattoo ideas for moms - child's drawing

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

11. Matching/Coordinated Tattoos

If you are daring enough to think about getting a tattoo for yourself we are pretty sure you’ll be cool enough to allow your child to get a tattoo too when she grows up. If yes, you can get matching or coordinated tattoos with your child!

tattoo ideas for moms - coordinated tattoo

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

A spool of thread on your wrist, with a thin cord of thread trailing onto your daughter’s wrist, could be a great symbolic tattoo depicting your unbreakable bond. You can get a meaningful quote written partly on you, and partly on your child (as shown above). Get your tattoo now, and you can urge your child to get theirs when they grow up.

12. Minimalistic Tattoo

A minimalistic tattoo is all about symbolism. Essentially, it is a very small tattoo, that holds deep significance to you, but may look very simple and ordinary to people.

tattoo ideas for moms - minimalistic tattoo

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

One of the easiest to think of minimalistic tattoo idea is to simply get your child’s initial tattoo-ed on you. Another idea could be to get a tattoo that explains the meaning of your child’s name. For example, if your child’s name is Tara, you can get a small star tattoo. To make it more significant, you can get it done close to your heart.

13. Birth Coordinates

The world is coming closer now, and we Indians are traveling literally across the globe. Many people move out of their hometowns and migrate to new cities, and sometimes even to new countries. So it is quite possible that a couple may not have their baby in their hometown.

tattoo ideas for moms - birth coordinates

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

So wouldn’t it be a great idea to get the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of your baby’s birthplace tattoo-ed on you? It would be a permanent reminder and a fond memory of your pregnancy days… your connection to a place and time that is now perhaps in the past!

Tattoo Precautions: Before and After

Here are a few tattoo precautions to take before and after getting a tattoo:

1. It is permanent

Think before you get inked! Tattoos are permanent, and once you get a tattoo, you are going to be stuck with it for the rest of your life. Of course there are ways to remove tattoos, but these procedures are expensive, painful, and sometimes also not perfect (there have been cases of people being left with scars).

So make sure you pick a tattoo idea that –

  • you won’t get easily bored of
  • you will like to have on you even later in life
  • that will not become obsolete with time

2. It hurts

Maybe not as much as pushing a baby out of your VG, but getting a tattoo hurts. We are not going to lie or sugar coat it for you. It is definitely not a painless procedure. However, everybody has a different threshold of pain; tattoo pain is hence quite subjective.

3. You may not be able to donate blood

While most tattoo artists maintain strict hygiene, especially in terms of needles they use, several hospitals have a policy of not accepting blood donations from people who have tattoos. While this may not be a ’cause’ you feel strongly for, if ever (God forbid) anyone in your family were in such a need, you might not be able to donate blood.

4. Your employer might have a problem

Depending on the industry and profession you hold, your employer may have a strict code against tattoos. Some companies do not want employees to have tattoos anywhere. Some require employees to conceal tattoos. If you are a working mother, find out about your employer’s policy before getting a tattoo.

5. People’s perception changes

While the times we are living in are slowly changing, tattoos are still largely seen in a negative light. While people are more tolerant of youngsters getting tattoos, a mother getting a tattoo is for some reason deemed ‘wrong’. Many believe that a tattoo-ed person is a ‘bad influence’ on a child. While we know this isn’t true, it would be good to brace yourself for such and other silly questions and comments!

6. Safety comes first

Always make sure you go to a safe tattoo artist. Pick a tattoo parlour that is hygienic. Look for –

  • overall cleanliness of the place
  • referrals (talk to previous customers)
  • find out about the procedure (does the tattoo artist wear gloves, does he use disposable equipment, etc.)
  • make sure a fresh needle is used for your tattoo (ask the tattoo artist to open the sealed, packed needle in front of you)

7. After tattoo care is important

Do not get slack about after tattoo care. Make sure you apply the healing cream given to you by your tattoo artist as per his directions. Till the tattoo completely heals and sets in your skin, it is vulnerable to fading, smudging, etc.

8. Do not drink before getting a tattoo!

A lot of people down a couple of drinks before getting a tattoo, in order to muster up the courage to get inked. However, this is a bad idea because the alcohol in your system can make your tattoo smudge later. Alcohol will also impair your judgment and coherence – two things which need to very much be intact to get a tattoo done!

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