Top 10 Ways for Moms to Be Happier

How to Be A Happy Mother Guide

Motherhood with all its glories can still be trying at times. It’s easy to lose a nerve here and a temper there given the overwhelming nature of your newfound role.

It’s no cakewalk raising kids, looking great, maintaining an immaculate house and being a perfect partner all at once. In this process, you may forget being your old, happy self. The following wellness kit on being a happy mom might help you reclaim your happiness, passion and sanity.

10 Tips for Being a Happy Mom

1. Take Help

Seek help from your family and friends to take care of your baby for a few hours. It helps in two ways – a) by giving you much needed “ME” time and b) training your baby to separate from you for sometime.

2. A Happy Husband

Don’t ignore your love life. Make your husband feel important and loved like before if not more. Spend some quality “HIM only” time daily to keep the spark alive.

3. Tingle your Taste Buds

It’s no sin to dig into that favorite pizza of yours or go for three scoops of your favorite chocolate ice cream every once in a while. Allow yourself to indulge in your favorite restaurant or street food to reduce your stress quotient and up your happiness score.

4. Sweat the Stress Out

Regular exercise will not help you get back to your previous shape but also give you much needed fresh air. You’ll find an immediate increase in the feel good factor within you.

5. Pamper Yourself

Take some time out to pamper your body! A spa or any other beauty treatment is just perfect not only to rejuvenate and distress you physically but also make you look and feel beautiful mentally.

6. Time Out with Kids

You need not feel guilty of having all the fun while leaving your little angel back at home. Take him along on your shopping halts, coffee breaks or a games parlor. Happy moms swear by this simple means to keep both mom and baby happy.

7. Hang out with your Girl Gang

All happy moms have one or more close mom friend. Chit chat sessions ranging from little anecdotes to serious issues about your tots relieves a lot of stress and tension. An added advantage is that you get to pick up new ideas on parenting.

8. Play by the Rules

It’s okay to sometimes relax the restrictions of your strict parenting. Get your child the glitter play dough she always wanted for though she might already have rainbow colored non-glitter dough in her play kit. You made the day for your child! What can be happier for the two of you?

9. Cuddle up

Snuggle up with your kids! Kiss them and hug them whenever you feel like it. Concentrate on your child’s strengths, feel proud of them, and treasure them. It will keep your happy hormones gushing!

10. Look Ahead

Last but not the least, whenever you are feeling blue, remember that “this too shall pass”. Learn to forgive yourself and forget the times you feel you haven’t been good enough.

So, all the mommies out there, learn how to move happiness to the top of your to-do list – today!

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