10 Effective & Working Home Remedies for Dizziness

10 Effective Remedies for Dizziness You Can Try at Home

Everybody has experienced lightheadedness or dizziness at least once in their lives. Whether a result of extreme fatigue or some health condition, it seems as you’ve lost complete control of your body and the world is spinning around you. Thankfully, some head dizziness home remedies do exist that can quickly help you regain control of yourself. These work on a long term basis to reduce bouts of dizziness from taking place.

Possible Causes of Dizziness

You may be facing dizziness due to one or more of the below reasons:

  • A result of anaemia or vitamin deficiency
  • Substantial dehydration and loss of electrolytes from the body
  • Blood pressure-related issues during pregnancy
  • Infections in the ear causing balance issues
  • Motion-related sickness due to altitude change or mode of travel
  • Headaches due to a hangover, migraine, or reliving a traumatic incident
  • A stroke that affects blood vessels travelling towards the brain
  • Hypotension or other heart problems that affect blood circulation

10 Best Natural Remedies for Dizziness

Once dizziness begins to hit you, everything may seem to be out of control no matter where you are. Thankfully, there are some quick remedies for dizziness and fatigue that can control the effects and help you get back to normalcy.

1. Stabilize Yourself By Focusing on an Object

When dizziness begins to throw your head into a tizzy with a constant spinning feeling, it is important to stabilize yourself. Try to stay in your seat and minimize movement. Focus your eyes on an object before you that is stationary and immobile. It will help your brain realign itself and not induce nausea immediately.

2. Hydrate Yourself As Soon As Possible

Dizziness can often set in due to dehydration, which causes the brain to function abnormally. However, dizziness can also be as a result of an anxiety attack. No matter the reason, drinking a glass of water always helps calm down things in a speedy manner. You should preferably drink cold water so that it soothes your body.


3. Go With a Herbal Remedy to Boost Blood Circulation

For people who tend to experience dizziness on a regular basis, having a certain herbal remedy with you at all times might be helpful. Medicines which have been proven to accelerate blood circulation quickly can be used to cut down on dizziness. Do check with your doctor when opting for an alternative medical approach.

4. Have a Body Massage

Take a break and hop in for a quick massage that can relieve the tension in your body. This is extremely helpful for those who tend to experience dizziness as a consequence of an anxiety attack. Furthermore, a massage governed by the principles of acupressure will help stimulate blood flow within your body and assist with regards to the recurrent spells of dizziness. Natural oils will only make things better.

Body Massage

5. Drink a Glass of Apple Cider Vinegar

Definitely not a concentrated glassful, but a diluted version of apple cider vinegar. One of the common reasons for loss of stability and dizziness is a substantial drop in sugar levels during the day. Foods take their own time in getting those levels up, but a glass of apple cider vinegar can stabilize those levels within a short period of time.

6. Consume Whole Grain Products

Quick-digesting foods that contain refined flour or sugar give your body a quick dose of sugar, but they also bring it down just as quickly, which can result in dizziness. Therefore, it makes sense to gradually replace your diet with whole grain alternatives of the same. These take time to digest and help to keep your levels stable for an extended period of time. Furthermore, they are good for your digestive system too.

Whole Grain Products

7. Drink a Glass of Lemon Juice

Whether your dizziness is due to energy levels or vertigo, a quick swig of lemon juice tends to do the trick almost always. People with a good balance of Vitamin C in their diet have reported lesser incidents of dizziness. Anything from berries, tomatoes to dark green vegetables should be a necessary addition to your diet, to help maintain your vitamin-intake and keep you healthy.

8. Sip on Ginger Tea

Many people suffering from nausea and dizziness due to motion sickness have remarked that drinking tea made from powdered ginger root has helped immensely. A small teaspoon of ginger with hot water can kick in the effects in less than 30 minutes. This is a better option than any medicine.

Ginger Tea

9. Avoid a Hot or Cold Bath

At first glance, this may seem counter-intuitive since most hot or cold-water baths tend to leave you relaxed. However, biological relaxation is the last thing you need when you’re dizzy since it would reduce the blood circulation further and worsen the dizziness. While such baths may have their benefits in other situations, when combating dizziness, stick to water that’s closer to room temperature.

10. Start Your Meals With Water

We’ve spoken about a decent amount of water consumption throughout the day. But, for a few people, the consumption of food itself is a reason for dizziness. Medically termed as postprandial hypotension, it is a condition in which the blood pressure reduces and leads to dizziness after meals. Thankfully, a simple way to combat this is to have a large glass of water about 10 minutes prior to beginning your meal.

Meals With Water

Additional Lifestyle Tips to Treat Dizziness Naturally

Apart from the aforementioned natural remedies for vertigo and dizziness, you can also make a few changes to your daily lifestyle to reduce such instances from occurring repeatedly.

  • Reassess your meals and your diet. Check if your intake is balanced and consists of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the right proportion. This can reduce the chances of blood pressure problems and even anaemia.
  • Switch from eating 3 big meals a day to eating throughout the day in small portions. These could be snacks high on carbohydrates and fibre, that help you maintain normal sugar levels at all times.
  • Set a water alarm to remind yourself to drink water at regular intervals. You may also opt for herbal teas, juices, or other liquid foods.
  • Learn to breathe deeply. Anxiety usually causes you to take short breaths that leave your body devoid of necessary oxygen. Teach yourself deep abdominal breathing that calms you down and stabilizes your oxygen levels.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. Certain exercises of the head and neck can help keep vertigo in check. Consult your doctor before starting any.
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol as well as caffeinated products. Over-consumption of either can dehydrate your body and lead to dizziness.
  • Include food products that have a high amount of Vitamin B12 in them. These are effective in developing a strong mind.
  • Begin yoga or meditation to achieve calmness and stability in the face of anxiety attacks or simply control stress levels.
  • Practise eye movement exercises that are based on the principles of REM when awake. They help to bring your focus back to the present and reduce the effects of dizziness instantly.
  • Avoid instantaneous and jerky changes in your posture. Stand up or sit down with slow movements, thus allowing your body to adapt to the change in posture.

While these multiple remedies for lightheadedness and dizziness mentioned above are usually effective, there might be times where they may not help much or provide long-term treatment. Reach out to a professional and get medical help if things stay persistent.

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