Benefits and Side Effects of Betel Leaves (Paan)

Benefits and Side Effects of Betel Leaf

The heart-shaped leaves you find being sold everywhere are a powerhouse of nutrition and offer heavy medicinal value. It’s much better than pharmaceutical drugs and one of nature’s best medicines. What’s the connection between your throbbing headache and a lack of focus? That’s right – betel leaf or paan ki patta can heal both.

Although severely underrated, we’re going to shed light on this humble plant and talk about its benefits, how it’s used, and more. After all, it’s a part of Indian culture, and it packs a lot of power with just a few leaves. But don’t take our word for it. Just read on and discover by trying it out yourself.

Nutritional Profile of Paan Leaf

Here is the nutritional profile of paan leaf and a glimpse into what just 100 grams of this super food offers.

Nutrient Per 100 grams
Calories 44 Kcal
Water 85.4%
Protein 3.1%
Minerals 2.3%
Fat 0.8%
Fibre 2.3%

Importance of Betel Leaf in Indian Culture

Betel leaves form an important part of Indian culture and offering them to guests is a sign of hospitality. The true origin story and spread of the leaves remain debatable to this date, but the leaves are extensively used in various cuisines too, both Indian and non-Indian ones. These leaves are a part of every dinner menu ranging from wedding ceremonies, events related to religious worship and are even used in pujas too. In South Indian culture, two betel leaves with some areca nuts and coconut are given to guests during any marriage ceremony.

Amazing Benefits of Betel Leaf

Following are the amazing betel leaf advantages for your health and well being:

1. It’s a Natural Analgesic

When you apply the leaf on the affected areas externally, you will get relief from pain stemming from cuts, bruises, inflammation, etc. Chewing on the leaves works just as well.

2. Relieves Constipation

If you have stomach or digestive issues, chewing on betel leaves will help ease them. This is because of the huge content of antioxidants found in these leaves. They end up restoring your pH balance, and when you take it on an empty stomach, you find yourself having smoother and pain-free bowel movements eventually.

3. Boosts Digestion

Betel leaf stimulates the production of stomach acids which are needed to absorb vitamins and nutrients efficiently. If your gut isn’t working properly, it’s not going to absorb the nutrients you get properly, but betel leaf fixes this and makes sure that your gastric juices and digestive acids are secreting right.

4. Improves Appetite

If you’ve been suffering from a lack of appetite and seem to not be getting your calories in, chewing on a few betel leaves will help. The leaves stimulate your appetite and trigger the ‘hunger hormone’ by regulating your pH balance.

5. Cleanses Your Internal Organs

It also ends up cleansing your body since the leaves are known to flush out toxins from your internal organs. It also boosts your metabolism and improves blood circulation to and from your internal organs too.

cleans your internal organs

6. Helps With Cough

Betel leaves are known to help with cough and prevent phlegm formation. Your inflammation due to the constant coughing will go down too once you start taking them.

7. Eases Bronchitis

If you’ve got a case of chronic bronchitis on your hands, then chewing on paan leaves will help clear it up. It will ease your inflammation and dilate the phlegm, thus improving your breathing by de-congesting your chest.

8. Is an Antiseptic

The high polyphenol content in betel leaves makes it an excellent antiseptic. When you apply it on your wounds or cuts, it kills germs and relieves pain instantly by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

9. Relieves Muscle Tension and Boosts Recovery Time

Betel leaves are known to ease muscle tension and boost recovery post workout. When you mix it with coconut oil and massage your legs and back, the pain, redness, and swelling will go away.

10. Prevents Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can be treated by chewing on betel leaves every day. It’s an amazing natural remedy for that since the leaves have anti-fungal properties and give you the benefits.

prevents fungal infections

11. Eliminates Water Retention

If you’ve been feeling bloated due to too much water retention, just crush some betel leaves, mix with milk, and drink up. You’ll feel instantly better.

12. Boosts Mental Alertness

Betel leaves are known to boost mental alertness, and when you mix with honey and take it, it works as a tonic too. You’ll feel more energised, and it will give you a motivation boost too.

13. Relieves Headaches

If you’ve been getting migraines or headaches, betel leaves will help you with them. It treats headaches naturally, and you can even use the oil for massage if you don’t prefer rubbing the leaves on your forehead.

14. Treats Acne Naturally

Betel leaves are very good for treating acne problems. If you’ve been getting blackheads, breakouts, or your skin is filled with pimples, just extract the juice from the leaves and apply it on your face.

15. Prevents Aching Ears

Betel leaf juice and coconut oil, when combined, work wonders for ear aches. You’ll instantly feel the difference, and besides this, another one of betel leaf medicinal uses is that it’s used for treating infections too.

prevents aching ears

16. Relieves Vaginal Itching

Boiling betel leaves, letting the blend cool and applying it to your vagina will help relieve itchiness and also act as a vaginal wash. It works, and some women use it post-birth to stimulate shrinkage of the genital region.

17. Eliminates Body Odour

Do you smell bad? Ditch the chemical deodorants and reach out for some betel juice instead since it’s much more effective in eliminating unpleasant body odour.

18. Prevents Nose Bleeds

When children spend a lot of time outdoors playing in the sun, they get nosebleeds. Betel leaves work as a natural remedy for preventing them.

19. Works As a Natural Mouth Freshener

Betel oil is known to cleanse your breath and prevent pathogens from invading or harming your mouth and oral hygiene. It boosts the strength of your gums and prevents your teeth from decaying too.

20. Improves Your Mood

Betel leaves are known to beat depression and boost your mental health. You’ll definitely be feeling a lot happier once you start taking it regularly and it’s completely natural too.

improves your mood

21. May Prevent Malaria

The antiseptic, anti-fungal, and immune-boosting properties of betel leaves may help in preventing malaria and various contagious infections.

22. Good for Type-2 Diabetics

Betel leaves are known to regulate blood sugar levels in people. This makes it great for those with type-2 diabetes, and it has cholesterol-lowering benefits too.

Side Effects of Betel Leaf

Although paan is good for health, it comes with its own list of side effects too. Here are some paan patta effects you should know about:

  • May cause oral cancer when eaten too much so yes, betel leaf cancer is a real thing.
  • May lead to allergic reactions.
  • Paan is also known to be moderately addictive for chewing on.
  • Another one of the sweet paan side effects is that it may irritate your gums and stiffen up your jaw when you chew too much.


Here are some frequently asked questions about betel leaf and what’s good and not so good about them.

1. Can I Eat Betel Leaf Daily?

There are many betel leaf medicinal uses and chewing on these leaves every day for optimal health is a practice that has existed since the founding years of ancient Ayurveda. So yes, you can eat these leaves or drink the juice every day. Just make sure to do a patch test to confirm if you’re having any allergic reactions to the leaves.

2. What Are the Different Types of Paan?

There are many different types of paan. In fact, there’s something for kids and adults alike too. Here’s the list:

  • Saada Paan 

Packed with sweetness and garnished with cherries, saada paan is typically meant for kids. It’s very popular in Banaras.

  • Paan Masala 

This type of paan is packed with the goodness of saffron and supari. It has a silver coating to it and suitable for consumption by teenagers.

  • Chocolate Paan 

Anybody who has eaten paan is no stranger to chocolate paan. It’s the perfect dessert for those busy evenings. Chocolate paan these days come in different flavour combinations such as banana and caramel, mint chocolate paan, chocolate and coffee paan, and some of them are garnished with almonds and walnuts to turning them delightful treats.

types of paan

It doesn’t take a lot to reap the benefits of the wonderful betel leaf. Just add a little bit of it to your drinks, salads, and smoothies, and you’ll soon get the healthy rewards you want. Or you can just chew on them directly just like the way they were intended. That works too.

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