Things to Avoid While Getting Back in Pre-Pregnancy Body Shape

5 Shortcuts NOT to Adopt For a Pre-Pregnancy Body!

Is staying in shape and getting complimented for it a huge ego boost for women? Yes! But it shouldn’t ever come at the cost of a balanced lifestyle. There are a few things women should never do while trying to get in shape.

Women are perennially short of time while running around maintaining the multiple arenas of their live. This is why women are especially guilty of looking for quick fixes for weight loss. This tendency gets even stronger while trying to get back into shape after having a baby. Stop and relax.

Things to Avoid While Getting Back in Pre-pregnancy Body Shape

Well, the good news is that getting back your pre-pregnancy body is very doable. The bad news is it’s not a quick microwave process. You need to have the patience and enthusiasm to start a personalised weight loss process and the resilience to follow it through.

1. Don’t Rush to Lose Weight

Remember, it took you nine months to get to your current state, so losing it will take time too. Make exercise a regular feature of your day. It’s also vital you know that even if you’re breastfeeding, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Steer clear of too much sugar and stock up on low-fat snacks rich in calcium.

2. Stop Having Unrealistic Expectations

Start by setting realistic goals for yourself and stop comparing yourself to the celebrities you see on TV. Know that your body is your own and you need to cater to it in your own way. Start by making small changes at a time instead of going with a complete daily overhaul. Trying too much, too soon is most certainly not going to work out.

3. Not Eating won’t Get You in Shape

Cutting down your calorie intake drastically won’t work. It only slows down your metabolism and makes it even more difficult to lose fat. A crash diet can heighten your cravings and instances of emotional and binge eating that further complicate the process. Instead, focus on having a balanced diet, eat at regular intervals, and find appropriate exercise for your body as a new mother.

4. Fads and Gimmicks Don’t Work in The Long Term

If you’ve tried the latest fads and gimmicks as quick-fixes, you know by now their disadvantages. Extreme methods like starving yourself or going on juice-only diets or eliminating carbs have serious medical and emotional side-effects. Remember that without a proper diet chart and regular exercise, you will never achieve long-term sustainable results.

5. Fat-Free is Not Calorie-Free

One common mistake is thinking fat-free food is free of calories. Packaged foods are mostly loaded up with carbohydrates and sugars that are high in calories. The additives, preservatives, and ’empty calories’ in them hamper weight loss rather than aiding it. A fruit eaten as a snack is much better any day than a juice carton!

Start off by believing you can achieve what you visualise yourself to look like and combine it with what women should never do while trying to get in shape. Take baby steps instead of giant leaps and resolutely tread forward every day.

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