Reasons You are Not Losing Weight After Delivery

Post Baby Weight You Just Cannot Shed!

It is easy to put on weight during pregnancy – even necessary. But losing weight after giving birth? Not easy at all! There are many women who struggle with the issue of no weight loss after delivery. But have you wondered why this is probably more difficult for you than it should be?

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Find yourself constantly complaining about not shedding that baby weight even post delivery? You aren’t alone. Also, while you might think you’ve tried everything under the sun to torch that fat, in truth you haven’t really. Don’t believe us? Skim through these points and spot the things you’re probably faltering at in your weight loss journey.

Glaring Reasons You Are Not Losing Baby Weight

1. You’ve Stopped Breastfeeding a Little Too Soon

If you’ve been keeping to a healthy balanced diet post pregnancy, losing weight shouldn’t be a problem, not if you’re breastfeeding your baby. You naturally burn calories every time you breastfeed your baby. So if you go at it for at least a year you will slowly start to get back to your former self. The problem arises when many moms, working or not, put their babies onto the bottle a little too soon.

2. Stressing Over the Weight is Having the Reverse Effect

Often women are so stressed out over not losing the baby weight that the opposite of what they intend happens. Being stressed out can trigger the production of certain hormones, namely cortisol, which leads to weight gain. Cortisol and weight gain go hand in hand. Why? Well, increased levels of cortisol increase your appetite. So the more you stress over it, the more hard pressed you’ll be to shed those pounds.

Stressing over the weigh

3. No Time for Exercise

Most women will lament over the fact that ever since having a baby they just don’t find time to exercise. Exercising post pregnancy does not have to mean hitting the gym or having a workout session at home. A simple walk in the park when you take your baby for a stroll, or taking the stairs instead of the lift in your apartment building is also enough.

4. Too Much of Anything is Bad

You may be getting in all the right foods and eating healthy yet you find you’re not losing weight after baby. Stop and review the portion of each meal you eat or snack on. Almonds, nuts, vegetables and fruits are all good when you’re trying to maintain a weight loss regime. It’s no good however if you gormandize on them.

5. You’re Skipping Breakfast

Only a mom will understand what a mad rush it is in the morning tending to your baby on one side and husband on the other. So you skip breakfast and make up for it at lunch and then you cry and frustrate yourself and everyone around you when you see no weight loss after delivery. Remember, a good solid breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism for the day and your weight loss goal in the long run.

There’s so much more to stress hormones and weight loss after pregnancy than what meets the eye. It takes determination and will power to get where you want to be. And guess what? You can totally do it!

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