Reasons Why Parenting Requires a Sense of Humor

LOL! Why Being a Mom Requires a Sense of Humour!

While tending to your little one requires many skills, not to forget patience, parenting also requires a sense of humour. Without this, you’re going to end up not knowing whether you’re coming or going! You sure need your wits about you to get through all the craziness of those initial years.

Parenting is far from fun, especially for new moms who have no idea what they’ve signed up for! Baby formula in your hair, vomit on your clothes and excreta in places you least expect–not a pretty sight! The key is to maintain your composure and humour in those “It’s not funny” moments if you hope to get by.

4 Reasons Being a Mother Requires a Sense of Humour

1. When Poo Finds its Way Around The House

From an infant who spends most of the time sleeping to one who begins crawling and then tottering about the house without their diapers; moms really do have their work cut out for them. Kids will find any place that suits them to relieve themselves. Instead of crying about it, scour out the spots that they tend to zone in on and start laying old newspapers in those areas. At some point, they’re bound to get the picture that they mustn’t go potty there.

2. When Baby Turns Destructive

Babies are known for their destructive streak. Ripped pages of a magazine, the TV remote in your coffee cup or a torn note procured from your purse; they always tend to damage things that belong to you and no one else! Even your husband gets away scot-free. The next time it happens, try giving the baby something not very important of his, and then sit back and watch the fun!

baby mess

3. When You’re Covered in Baby Mess

How many times have you stepped out of the house with spittle in your hair or barf on your clothes? Just humour yourself with a good laugh instead of fretting over it! Moms with a sense of humour can easily ride out such situations by lightening the mood with laughter, especially when everyone around joins in. If anyone points out the mess, just tell them you don’t mind. After all, you should be able to make light of embarrassing moments if you want to be a mom who hasn’t lost her marbles!

4. When Reasoning with Your Two-Year-Old Becomes Fruitless

This is the age when your little one starts to talk and your patience stretches to the limit when she wants to have her own way. Baby tantrums and cheeky arguments are sure to fill your days. It’s one of those reasons parenting requires a sense of humour. Toddlers can have quite a firm standpoint so allow yours to amuse you every once in a while because sometimes that’s all you can do!

A mom’s life is never easy, and one might think that with all the stress, frustrations and weird mess, where can there be any time for humour? But laugh it off Mommy! The idea is to take everything in your stride and keep those giggles coming – that’s what will keep you sane!

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