Funny Things Indian Fathers Say to Their Daughters

6 Things You Don’t Mind Your Dad Telling You

You are your dad’s little princess and he dotes on you no matter whether you’re 20, 30 or 50. He’s concerned about you and always had loads of advice for you when growing up. The things dads say to their daughters will remain with you decades into your future. Reminisce a little and rediscover why you love your dad!

Your dad is the first man you loved in your life. You’re still his precious bundle of joy no matter how much you’ve grown up. He’s protective about you and concerned about your safety and well-being. He advises you and guides you on the right path. The things dads tell their daughters are priceless and the things Indian fathers advise their little girls are what you take to heart for life!

6 Things Dads Say to their Daughters

1. You should spend less!

The most important thing an Indian dad would advise his daughter about is the value of money. He’d start off telling about his struggling days and would move on to how he achieved his goals. He’d always want you to understand that money is extremely valuable and should be earned, saved and spent wisely.

2. Learn to respect Indian values

When it comes to Indian values and mannerisms, it’s your dad who tries to drum them into you. He advises you to dress up in ethnic attire when going for a family function or a wedding. And while he may be broad-minded and with the times, he still gets antsy when he sees you stepping out of the house in minis and cropped tops.

3. Be strong, I’m there for you

Your dad may treat you like delicate china, but he still teaches you to be strong and ready to face life’s challenges. He gives you advice on how to stay safe and protect yourself. But he never forgets to add that he’s always there to help you whenever you need him.

hings Dads Say to their Daughters

4. Mom’s right!

Have you ever sought your dad’s advice when you and your mom have had a tiff? Well, one of the things he always tells you is that no matter what your mom says, you should take her advice. He loves you to bits, but never agrees to disagree with mom either!

5. Beware of boyfriends!

A funny thing Indian fathers say to their daughters is to stay away from boys! After all, nobody’s good enough for his precious girl! You remember him telling you that in case your boyfriend hurt you or broke your heart, you could always count on dad to break his bones!

6. Be home by 7 pm

Were there times when you had to miss a party because of your dad’s strict curfew hours? Well, you weren’t the only one. Indian dads are very protective and take the well-being of their daughters seriously, even if it means mowing down their social lives to some extent!

Put a smile on your face remembering all the times when your father gave you sage advice. As frustrating as early curfews and no miniskirts were, it’s because of your father that you’ve grown into a loving, responsible woman who has her head squarely set on her shoulders.

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