30 Short Happy Wedding Anniversary Poems For Parents

30 Heartmelting Wedding Anniversary Poems for Parents

Looking for the perfect way to say anniversary verses for parents? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 30 heart-melting anniversary poems for parents. The best part about these poems is that they are written primarily for parents. So, read these happy anniversary poems for parents to discover the perfect way to send the most romantic wishes to their parents.

Lovely Happy Anniversary Poems for Mom and Dad 

Whatever it is, the poem for mom and dad anniversary day will make your parents feel special.

1. “Parents’ Wedding Anniversary” By “Kara Wambach”

When I was young, MOM and DAD,
I remember saying that I would never leave your side,
Now I have grown and see the love you two share.
I now realize that’s the way life is.
I have learned so much from you two,
I pleasure every moment I am with you.

God gave me a blessing,
For having two loving parents as tremendous and loving as you.
You two are great, and I am so proud of your 19th year together!
I love you both so much,
And I hope for so many years for you two together;
For the parents I so dearly love.

2. “Anniversary” By “Benjamin J. Hughes” 

Like a flash of light, your life appeared
With a touch so soft, a voice so sincere
I thought your love would never come my way
But it was worth the wait for that special day.
Now I know nothing will ever tear us apart.
My soul is locked, and you have the key to my heart
I belong to you; there’s no hidden agenda
I just want to keep you happy till time flies away
I hope you’ll let me do this, please always stay.
We will climb mountains and swim across any sea
Just you and me, girl, Happy Anniversary! 

3. “Don’t Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day” By “Pablo Neruda” 

Don’t go far off, not even for a day,
because — I don’t know how to say it: a day is long
and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station
when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep.

Don’t leave me for a second, my dearest,

because at that moment you’ll have gone so far
I’ll wander mazily over all the earth, asking,
Will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?

4. “For Keeps” By “Joy Harjo” 

Sun makes the day new.
Tiny green plants emerge from the earth.
Birds are singing the sky into place.
There is nowhere else I want to be but here.

5. “When I Die I Want Your Hands On My Eyes” By “Pablo Neruda”

When I die, I want your hands on my eyes,
I like the light and the wheat of your beloved hands
to pass their freshness over me one more time
to feel the smoothness that changed my destiny.

6. “I Carry Your Heart With Me” By “E.E. Cummings”

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
my heart) I am never without it(anywhere
I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate(for you are my fate, my sweet). I want
no world(for beautiful you are my world, my true)

7. “Your Marriage Is Golden” By “Joanna Fuchs”

A partnership like yours is rare;
Fifty years you’ve been together!
You’ve always been a loving team,
In sunny and stormy weather.

Nothing can tarnish your lasting love;
At 50 years, you’re gold.
Your affection shines as you go through the years,
With each other to love and to hold.

8. “Loving Pair” By “Joanna and Karl Fuchs” 

It takes two special people,
To make a loving pair.
There’s a joy just being around you,
A feeling we love to share.

We send anniversary wishes to you,
For years of joy and pleasure.
May each year keep getting better,
With memories to treasure.

9. “Successful Marriage” By “Anonymous” 

Happy anniversary,
loving mum and dad.
For all your years together,
I’m so happy and glad.

The keys to a successful marriage,
I was able to observe.
This important celebration,
you both deserve it.

I would like to wish you both,
countless, memorable years, 

10. “Loving pair” By “Jon Bratton”

May you always be each other’s best friend,
May your mutual love continue to be so,
May your successful marriage continues to thrive,
May love flourish, prosper, bloom, and grow.

Short Wedding Anniversary Poems for Parents

These short happy anniversary mom and dad poems are perfect for their anniversary. 

1. “My Gift” By “Sarah” 

I received you as parents on the day I wed your son.
So I just want to thank you for all that you have done.
You gave to me a special man with whom I share my life.
You’re his loving parents, and I’m his lucky wife.
Your faith, hope, and kindness are qualities that we treasure.

2. “Just live and be happy!” By “Elena Melkumova” 

The Anniversary – what does it mean?
Is it a fine and wonderful thing?
Is it a time to review and think
What you have done and, sometimes, to sink.

Please send it to hell!
Don’t be so sappy!
Don’t hassle yourself.
And just live and be happy!

3. “The Golden Years” By “Emily” 

We met each other in a bar,
Your handsome smile and funny charm,
Made me believe you were the one,
We bought some drinks and had some fun,

I stand by my decision that day
And hope that you may think the same
Old and crinkly we may be
We’re still united for eternity.

4. “Anniversary Love!” By “Karl Fuchs” 

When I look up and see you, my love,
My whole world is filled with pleasure.
Through all the years we’ve shared, my love,
You’ve been my greatest treasure.

The sun shines brighter when you’re near;
The air seems fresher too.
Everything that’s dear to me,
Seems perfect, because of you.

5. “Happy 1st Anniversary, My Sweet Love!” By “Amanda Higgins”

Happy Anniversary, my sweet love!
For you, I thank the Lord above.
You’ve given me hope, inspiration, and truth.
Because of you, I feel never-ending youth.
When heavy storms have come our way,
Your love has always made me stay.
Each morning I wake and see your face,
I know in you I’ve found my place.

6. “Some Flowers For You” By “Chris” 

A rose for every year,
many smiles for every tear
Way more of the first than ever of the latter
What’s deep in our hearts is all that really matters

We’ve learned a lot, yet still, a lot to learn
For that “smile in your eyes,” my heart still yearns
Keep giving me a chance to show you, my love
We’ve always found a way to rise above

7. “Wedding Time!” By “Anonymous” 

I asked God for a flower,
he gave me a bouquet
I asked God for a minute,
he gave me a day
I asked God for true love,
he gave me that too
I asked for an angel and
he gave me you.

8. “Our Love” By “John P. Read” 

L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way.
O is for ‘optimism’ you gave me every day.
V is for the ‘value’ of being my best friend.
E is for ‘eternity,’ a love that has no end.

9. “I Love You” By “Tyler Knott Gregson” 

I love you,
in ways
you’ve never been
for reasons you’ve never been
for longer than you think you
and with more
than you will ever know existed

10. “Words of Love” By “Anonymous” 

If I had the words to describe my feelings for you
I would be the happiest man in the universe
But words seem to fail me time and time again
So I have to settle for the words in this verse

Your touch, your smile, your presence and soul
Mesmerize and entangle me completely
If I had but one ambition, one utter goal
It would be to stay by your side for eternity.

11. “I STILL LOVE YOU” By “Denise Rodgers” 

The dog threw up.
The kids are ill.
Our bank account
Is almost nil.

The laundry’s
Stacked up in a pile,
And still, I know
I have to smile.

Although our life

12. “Our First Date” By “Natasha”

It was completely sublime
The very first time
That I layed my eyes on you

So sincere and sweet
Not a liar or cheat
With a safe and comforting hold.

13. “Pot Noodles and Treacle Pudding” By “Rachel Stephenson” 

Like a treacle coated pudding
I’ll stick right by your side.
And when you finally eat me up
in weight-watchers, may you confide.

Your hair’s a sort of greyish color
while mine’s a snowy white.
“Dear!” You call. “Tea’s on the table.
It’s pot noodles again tonight.”

14. “Silly, Silly, Wine and Willy” By “Amanda” 

Dresses were bought,
Prices were silly,
This is not how I was taught!

No, no, silly me!
He must be out,
buying me a daisy

Yes, he is always distraught,
striving to be right for me,
little did I know, he forgot
our anniversary!

15. “40TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY” By “Denise Rodgers” 

Forty years?
It sounds so gruesome.
Can’t believe
we’re still a twosome.
Still a wild
dynamic duo.
It’s more fun
when there are two-0.
Two to laugh
and two to dance.
Two who still
recall romance.
Two who feel
forever carried.
Two who feel
like newly married!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Poems for Parents

Sending funny 50th wedding anniversary poems for parents is one of the best ways to make the day even more special. 

1. “A GIFT” By “Denise Rodgers” 

We have a gift that’s sweet
And rare.
It’s just that we’re a perfect pair.

The years go by
With no regret
Because we are a perfect set.

What matters if this thought is sappy?
So long as
Both of us
Are happy.

2. “I’LL GO ON WRINKLING” By “Denise Rodgers” 

I know that you love me,
And I love you, too.
And nothing in life
Is as straight or as true.
Today may be special –
A mark for the year.
But living each day
Is a gift
That is clear.
So I’ll go on wrinkling
And you go on graying –
So long as “I love you!”
That is what we are saying.

3. “Good Times” By “Ebony Davis” 

Remember our first date
When it rained all night long
I didn’t have an umbrella
To protect you from the storm
You laughed and said it was okay
But I was embarrassed inside
And though I was a man
I closed my eyes and cried
Oh! Such good times!

4. “With You By My Side” By “Anita”  

This beautiful and memorable day
has been carved into my mind.

A precious moment in time,
when our lives became defined.
Let’s rejoice and celebrate,
our love and our bond.
I cherish what we have,
with my heart, I respond.

5. “Happy Feelings Anniversary” By “Joanna Fuchs” 

It seems I’ve loved you all my life,
My sweet, adorable, lovable wife.
You create happy feelings deep down in my soul,
Like eating wonderful treats from a limitless bowl.

It’s really amazing, just being with you
We’re lovers and partners in all that we do.
Your love warms my heart like the rays of the sun;
Happy anniversary to my own special one.

Whether you’re a parent celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary poems for parents or you’re looking for an original anniversary poem, you can find it all right here. Here are some mom and dad anniversary poems from daughter ideas. 

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