Funny Things We Did In School

School Memories That Tickle Us (and Make Us Go Aww!)

Do you often miss your school days and want them to come back? As moms to school-going children, you probably miss those golden days all the more! Why not relive school life memories by reminiscing about these common things you did in your school years?

Nothing can beat the fun we had during our school days. When we were in school, we couldn’t wait to grow up, be independent, and free of the rules and regulations set by school authorities. But now, every time we reminisce about our school days, we can’t help but wish we could return to those times!

Common Funny Things We All Did in School

1. What’s She Got in Her Tiffin Today?

More than our own lunch boxes, we would be really interested in our friend’s tiffin! Some of us would even wipe out the snacks sent by our friends’ moms much before the lunch break. Now, when you look back fondly, you wish that you could have those little sandwiches and rolls with your friends once again.

2. Let’s Play Pen Wars and Book Cricket!

These are the legendary classroom games that almost everyone has played during their school times. Even with the teacher explaining geometry on the blackboard, backbenchers would be engrossed in their games. Turn the page and the last even digit of the page number becomes your score. Oh, the good old memories about school life! Also, how can we forget those pen wars with our bench mates?

Let’s play pen wars and book cricket!

3. We Have a Free Period

The happiest moment during school days was when a teacher was absent. It meant that a free period was in store. Yippee! You would look forward to having your favourite “ma’am” as the substitute teacher. She would probably take you to the field to play, allow library time, or organise exciting indoor games. Oh yes, free periods formed the most valued school life memories!

4. Interschool Fests– Excitement Unlimited!

Interschool functions were special occasions and you would rehearse dances or plays, or whichever event you participated in to give your best performance. You wouldn’t leave any stone unturned in helping your school win the trophy. Also, a big reason these functions triggered excitement was because you got to meet new faces and friends (especially boys!).

5. Fill My Slambook, Please?

Accept it, most of us had more than one slam book. You would give these to not only your closest friends but also those with whom you rarely spoke (but were secretly fond of). The best parts were linked to writing funny anecdotes and making silly emoticons! And oh, your most embarrassing moment and latest crush!

School day nostalgia stays with us, no matter how old we become. So, take out time, get together with your school day partners-in-crime, and relive many such moments. You’ll feel instantly fresher!

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