30 Questions to Ask Your Child to Get to Know Them Better

Know Your Kids Better With These 30 Questions

Your child is your soul, and connecting with your soul is one of the greatest joys on this planet! If you’ve ever wanted to be the ultimate role model as a parent, you start by getting to know your child better. How do you do that? By talking and listening.

Starting a conversation begins by asking questions and paying attention to your child’s wants and needs. This is what we’ll help you out with.

We’ll get into that soon but for now, let’s discuss why you’d want to know your little one better.

Why is It Important to Know Your Child Well?

There are several reasons why you should make the effort to get to know your child:

  • Every child has a different and unique persona.
  • As a parent, if you frequently don’t put in the work and time to nurture a loving and healthy relationship, you’ll regret it when your children turn into adults.
  • Childhood is a delicate phase, and young minds are sensitive by nature. If you ignore your kids and don’t show any interest in what they do or think, they remember, and carve in their minds bad childhood imprints of you that they’ll remember much later on in life too. We’re not saying neglecting or not talking to your child once in a while makes you a bad parent. But it’s just thoughtful to ask your young one questions and get to know him better.

Parents should have conversations with their kids

Talking and listening are two powerful tools for strengthening bonds. And by asking the right questions, you’ll be forming a lifelong relationship and be fostering a sense of friendship too. In this process, you also become a source of wisdom, guidance, and open-mindedness.

30 Questions to Ask to Get to Know Your Child Better

Here are 30 questions to ask your kids that will let you get to know them better.

1. How did your day go? Tell me about it.

2. What are your favourite TV Shows or comic books? What do you like about them?

3. Are there any rules in the house you are not fond of? What do you not like about them and what changes would you prefer?

4. Tell me about your favourite role models and what you admire about them.

5. I want to know what it’s like to live in your age. What’s the hardest part of living as a teenager or a kid?

6. If you could become a superhero for one day, who would you be and why?

Child dressed up as superhero

7. How would you save the world if a meteor was going to crash and end the world tomorrow?

8. What is the best and worst feeling you’ve ever experienced? Describe those moments.

9. What skills would you want to pick up or what are you most passionate about?

10. Name three things you are proud of about yourself and one thing you did which made others around you happy.

11. Talk about a thing you were afraid to admit before but want to tell me now.

12. What are your biggest and smallest secrets?

Child telling parent a secret

13. What do you want to be when you grow up and what do you definitely not want to be?

14. What are your favourite foods and hobbies?

15. What can mom and dad do to be better parents?

16. What do you like about us and what do you dislike?

17. Which place would you like to visit when you grow up or very soon?

18. What was your worst nightmare?

Child having a nightmare

19. What is your biggest dream?

20. If you could be the President of the country, what reforms would you introduce or changes would you make?

21. If you had the power to change the world in a week, what would you do?

22. Are you happy with your life?

23. What do you not like about school or college?

24. Who is your favourite teacher?

Who's your child's favourite teacher?

25. What’s your favourite class?

26. What name would you pick if you had to give yourself a new name?

27. What do you think is the purpose of our lives?

28. Which is your favourite planet in the Solar System?

29. What are your favourite things to do when spending time alone?

30. Would you like to spend the weekend with me and go out for a movie or to the amusement park?

Want your kids to talk to you? Start by talking to them and getting to know them better. It’s really that simple.

The key takeaway of this post is to remember that your child is a person, just like you. It doesn’t matter how old or young he is; as long as you ask him these questions, he’ll appreciate the gesture and know that you care about him. Feel free to ask about things which matter to him and talk about his wants and needs, both emotionally and mentally. By making an effort to connect with him on a deeper level through talking and mindful listening, you’ll not only be a parent but be someone who is approachable to your kid when he is seeking advice.

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