Using Jojoba Oil for Babies & Kids: Benefits & Uses

Jojoba Oil for Babies and Kids – Benefits and Usage

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Jojoba oil can be used as both carrier oil and essential oil. This oil is widely used for skincare as the chemical composition of the oil is closely related to natural human sebum. This makes it safe to use on the skin directly and is good for sensitive skin. This is one of the biggest reasons why this particular oil is widely recommended for babies and kids.

What Is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, and in its raw form, it looks like a golden liquid wax. On refining, this liquid becomes colourless and odourless. This oil provides many advantages and works for both adults and kids.

Jojoba oil is found to be very effective in treating skin-related conditions in children. One skin condition that affects babies the most are diaper rashes. You can cure these rashes by taking a few drops of jojoba oil in your palm and applying it gently on the affected area. It will soothe your baby’s skin and treat the rashes without any side effects.

Benefits and Uses of Jojoba Oil for Children

Jojoba oil offers amazing benefits for a child’s skin, hair, and health. Some of the benefits of jojoba oil for children include.

1. Moisturises the Skin

Jojoba oil is a perfect moisturiser. Continuous use of this oil will keep your child’s skin soft and supple. Jojoba oil is a rich source of ceramides and thus keeps a child’s skin hydrated for long. This oil can also be absorbed by the skin easily. Using this oil will also strengthen the skin barrier, protecting his skin from various allergies, dry skin, and even dust. This oil can be used for baby massages, too.

Moisturises the Skin

2. Reduces Skin Inflammation

Jojoba oil can be used to reduce inflammation of the skin as it contains antibacterial properties. This kills the bacteria and heals cuts or wounds. Jojoba oil can be used against infections like warts and cold sores. You can apply jojoba oil to reduce the redness or swelling which is a result of an injury.

3. Treats Skin Conditions

Jojoba oil can treat skin disorders in children. Jojoba oil can cure baby eczema, psoriasis, and cradle cap. All you have to do is take a cotton ball, dip it in the oil, and apply directly on the infected parts of your baby’s skin.

4. Strengthens the Hair

Jojoba oil can be used for the skin as well as hair. The hair and the scalp of the babies are prone to breakage and dryness. This is one of the best oils to use on babies as the oil is good at strengthening the newborn’s weak hair. This natural oil will also help smoothen their hair cuticles.

5. Cleanses the Scalp

Jojoba oil works best when it comes to cleansing scalps. It will reduce hair fall and breakage and your child will remain healthy and clean because of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this oil. Using jojoba oil, your child can also get rid of the sticky buildup and other airborne particles in his hair.

Cleanses the Scalp

6. Improves Skin Elasticity

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant. It is excellent when it comes to strengthening the walls of the capillary in the skin and improving the elasticity of the skin. These antioxidant properties in the jojoba oil also help in reducing the chances of skin cancer as the oil protects the skin from UV rays.

7. Promotes Hair Growth

Jojoba oil encourages hair growth. It reduces clogging of pores which reduces the amount of hair fall. The oil dissolves and clears the blockages in the pores which results in the development of fresh cells thus encouraging the growth of hair.

8. Treats Cradle Cap

Another important property of jojoba oil is that it is hypoallergenic. This makes it safe for babies. This oil can be used to loosen the dried flakes and dissolve the patchy crusts caused by cradle caps. The oil also protects the scalp from irritation by deeply moisturizing it.

9. Treats Dry Scalp

Just like controlling the production of excessive oil in the scalp, jojoba oil also prevents the hair and the scalp from becoming excessively dry. You can get rid of the brittle and flaky skin with the oil. Jojoba also helps in moisturising the scalp as the oil goes deep into the pores without getting evaporated. The pH of the scalp is also balanced keeping away bacteria.

10. Works As a Body Oil

This acts as an ideal body oil, and you can apply this on the baby’s face as well as the body before bathing. Enough hydration is provided to the skin which is easily absorbed.

11. Treats Newborn Acne

Jojoba oil can also be used for treating acne in babies. Mix jojoba oil with lavender oil and gently apply it to the affected areas on your baby’s face. His acne will soon disappear.

Jojoba oil is one of the best oils to use on kids as well as adults because it contains many minerals and vitamins including iodine, zinc, vitamin E, and even B-complex. You can also use this oil in combination with other essential oils. Jojoba oil is highly popular for its calming and moisturising properties and suits all skin types.

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