Using Sesame Oil for Baby: When to Introduce, Benefits & Uses

Sesame Oil for Baby – Benefits and Uses

The oldest oilseed crop, highly lubricating and nutritious, is sesame oil. It is enriched with Vitamins B complex, E, and D, and other minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and proteins, which is easily absorbed. It is extremely good for sensitive skin, and has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral properties.

What Is Sesame Oil?

An edible vegetable oil, which has a distinctive nutty aroma, is obtained from sesame seeds. It is rich in oleic and linoleic acid. It is highly recommended because of its lubricating, healing, and nourishing properties.

Is It Safe to Use Sesame Oil for Baby?

It is absolutely safe to give food containing sesame seeds to your baby from six months when they start weaning. Sesame allergy is very occasionally heard of in babies. The intake of nutrients increases if sesame oil is incorporated in the meal plans for your baby.

When to Introduce Sesame Oil to the Baby

Sesame oil can be introduced in a baby’s diet from six months of age, but some recommend it to be introduced only when the baby is one year old. A baby’s digestive system has to be ready to digest it. If the new mom adds sesame in her diet plans, then the baby will benefit from it as the oil passes through the breast milk while nursing.

If Your Baby Is Allergic to Sesame Oil

If there is a history of sesame allergy in the family, or the baby shows some symptoms of food allergies, you must not give sesame oil to your baby without consulting the doctor. If you find any symptoms like wheezing, trouble breathing, rashes, or swelling in your baby, or any eczema or asthma, then you must give sesame oil only with doctor’s approval.

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Infants

The introduction of sesame oil in the diet of a baby enhances its nutritive content, which is extremely beneficial for a baby.

  • It protects the baby’s heart, and reduces the risk of having cancer.
  • It provides adequate vitamin K for proper blood clotting.
  • It provides a substantially high amount of energy.
  • It is a rich source of calcium.
  • It is a good source of unsaturated fats and supplies antioxidants.

Uses of Sesame Oil for Baby

  • Sesame oil for baby food is highly preferred because of its nutritive content.
  • Sesame oil is mostly used for baby massage.
  • Sesame oil for baby hair adds a touch of moisture and improves the quality.
  • Sesame oil for baby eczema works wonders as it soothes the sensitive skin.
  • Sesame oil for a baby cough can cure the frequency and severity of an acute cough in babies.

The health benefits provided by sesame make it an important constituent of a well-balanced meal. It helps in the overall growth of the child, and protects the baby from liver and heart diseases. It has many uses and benefits, which make it a much-preferred substitute for any other oil.

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