12 Funny Toddlers New Years Resolutions - 2023

Hilarious New Year Resolutions Your Toddler Should Make

If toddlers made New Year’s resolutions, parents would heave a sigh of relief! Clean walls and no food wastage would be just a few of the changes they could make. But being the little monsters they are, would their resolutions hold through to the end of the year? Probably not!

The New Year is a time for change and new beginnings. Resolutions abound as you feel determined to live life better. Have you ever wondered that if your little toddler knew about New Year resolutions, what changes he’d make in his little life?

Funny New Year’s Resolutions Your Toddler Made

1. No more Diapers!

I will try and get potty trained. The diaper gets so messy and mom doesn’t look too happy every time she needs to change it. I won’t have to wear that big diaper anymore!

2. Fewer Tantrums

I’m going to throw fewer tantrums, even though tantrums are my birthright and get me what I want. Maybe if mom and dad see how well-behaved I am, they’ll reward me with a few treats?

3. Resolve to Eat Better!

I will try to eat at least three full meals a day without spitting them out all over mommy, or on the floor. I do like the look on mom’s face too when she gets soup all over her hair!

4. No Wall Art

I will not scribble on walls with crayons, permanent markers or pens. It seems to get all the grownups really angry. I don’t understand why, though; it’s art! Plus, why would anyone want plain walls?

No wall art

5. Fewer Night-time Wake-ups

Instead of waking up five times in the middle of the night, I’ll bring it down to just twice. I do miss mommy and daddy a lot at night but they do look tired in the morning.

6. Make-up is for Mommy, Not Me

I’m not going to use mommy’s make-up again. Everyone makes such a fuss. Maybe I could eat it instead!

7. Keep My Mittens On

I will not pull off my mittens and cap. It’s cold and mommy’s just trying to keep me warm and protect me. It’s just that the cap ruins my hair and spoils my look!

8. Watch Something Different

I will broaden my cultural horizons. Nobody else seems to enjoy watching ‘Madagascar’ every day. Maybe ‘Lion King’ could be next on my list. I’ll select a new bedtime book too. Mommy says it’s no fun reading the same thing every night, and she goes off to sleep before I do.

9. Eat New Things

I will try one new food item every week. Mom says I need to move beyond khichdi or I’ll never learn how to chew. But khichdi is so yummy and it requires no effort to eat. Maybe I’ll try pizza since the adults seem to love it!

10. Put Toys Away

I promise to put away my toys once I’m done playing with them. Mom’s been threatening not to buy me any more toys till I learn to keep them away. I’m going to be good and start taking care of them better.

11. Will Not Eat Toothpaste

I promise not to eat the toothpaste and spit it out when mommy says so. I will remember that this sweet gooey thing called toothpaste is not for eating but for cleaning my teeth so that they don’t get black!

12. Will Keep My Clothes On

 This year I promise to keep my clothes on in public when I go out with my parents. I will not remove my clothes wherever and whenever I want just because I want to. This resolution especially applies to when I go out to the supermarket or to my mommy’s friend’s house.

Toddlers can keep parents on their toes and sometimes drive them up the wall. But if kids could make these funny New Year’s resolutions, it would definitely make parenting easier!

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