Mother's Day Games & Activities - Ideas To Make The Day Special

Game Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

Break out of the traditional Mother’s Day celebration ideas and plan a day that is exciting and fun-filled instead! Activities and games are the perfect way to bring families together while also making your mother feel special. With these activities, you can kill two birds with one stone!

If there is one thing that mothers are naturally good at, it’s planning events. Why else do you think your birthdays and holidays turn out so special? With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to return the favour by planning a fun-filled day, especially for her. Hear our ideas, and let your mom feel special and closer to you!

Fun Mother’s Day Activities You Can Try

1. Awards

Here’s a perfect way to make your mom feel special! Think of all the wonderful things you appreciate about your mom like best cook, best fashion advisor, best friend, most caring, etc. Make cute handmade card or prizes for her and gift her an award every hour! The expressions on her face will be your ultimate award.

2. Hot Seat

This one can prove to be one of the coolest and endearing Mother’s Day games ever. Put your mom in the quiz master’s seat and let her question you about the things that she likes. Answer them, and let your mom know you pay more attention to her words and needs than what she gives you credit for!

3. Feeling Sporty

When planning your Mother’s Day celebration, think of a picnic and anything outdoorsy, if your mom is a nature lover. Don’t forget to pack your badminton gear or frisbee if she doesn’t mind a game or two. A food basket of her favourite snacks would be a double whammy!

4. Test of Patience

When planning your Mother’s Day activities, don’t forget to play “Mom-ism”. How do you play it? Make a list of all the favourite phrases that your mom uses and see how long she can last without using them!

5. Rock Star

Make your mom feel like a rock star that she truly is by dressing her up in a glam outfit (gifted by you!) and belting out songs on a karaoke system. It is one of those Mother’s Day event ideas that can make a special day even more special!

6. Free Chores

Write various chores on chits and insert each one of them in different balloons before inflating them. Ask your mom to burst as many balloons as she can before a one-minute timer is up. She can claim fulfilment of the chores on the chits that she collects! Your mom will definitely enjoy this one.

With these Mother’s Day celebration ideas you can turn a traditional celebration into something fun and exciting. Engaging in these activities will not only bring you together as a family but will also help you create some enjoyable memories. What more! Your mom will surely be proud of your efforts.

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