7 NGOs For Happier Children in India

Children are said to be blessings from the Almighty and indeed bring great happiness in a couple’s married life. However, trying circumstances such as disease or poverty can sometimes drive parents to a state when they fail to help their kids. Childcare NGOs help such parents and children pull through in times of illness, financial distress or emotional pain.

Parenthood doesn’t come without its share of anxiety. Both children and parents may face difficulties in managing certain phases of development. Your child may suffer from a learning disability or a distress situation like physical/sexual abuse or mental trauma. You may also feel helpless spotting a troubled child in your neighbourhood or one afflicted by child labour! Professional help from top NGOs in India can make dealing with this much easier.

List of Top 7 Childcare NGOs for Kids in India

1. Child-Line India

One of the most prominent NGOs in India, Child-line focuses on child safety and protection through a 24 hours helpline with exceptional turn-around time. Child-line supports children in distress like abuse, trafficking, child-marriage and child labor and also offers expert support to parents of children who suffer from disabilities, substance abuse, poverty, conflict with law and health or nutrition related problems.

2. Smile Foundation

This NGO has been doing exceptional work for the past 13 years providing healthcare and education for underprivileged children. Parents can reach out to them directly or via school authorities if they seek assistance for their child’s physical and mental growth.

3. CRY

CRY or ‘Child Rights and You’ focuses on child education, healthcare, nutrition and special learning needs. The NGO has been fighting for children’s rights through evocative campaigns based on various growth and developmental needs of a child.

4. Samveda

Samveda offers special treatment and training facilities for mentally challenged students, dyslexic children and kids with fine motor disabilities. This is significant in a world where a whopping 20% of children suffer from one form of learning disability or the other! Samveda endeavours to equip such kids with a skillset that can get them absorbed into main-stream educational institutes.


5. Make a Difference (MAD)

With the sole objective of ensuring child-equality everywhere, the MAD organization organizes thematic campaigns for child development. Currently, MAD offers English language training to under-privileged children to bring them up on the same platform as children from regular homes.

6. Pratham

One of the oldest NGOs to help children in the country, Pratham has been working with children of Mumbai slums for the past 20 years. The child-education campaigns run by Pratham have changed the lives of many underprivileged children and given them an opportunity to change the living conditions of their families.

7. Nanhi Kali

As the name suggests, this NGO is dedicated towards working for underprivileged girl-children by providing them material support and educational guidance. Nanhi Kali also sends a yearly progress report to donors and sponsors of their beneficiaries.

It is absolutely normal for parents to feel helpless trying to help their child in a difficult life situation or while going through turbulence in their own lives. Taking support from experienced counselors and experts working with these NGOs for children can help you resolve the challenges you are facing. A little help can go a long way in making parenting much more delightful.

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