Ezra Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Ezra Name Meaning and Origin

Ezra comes from the Bible and he introduced the Jewish community to the teachings of the Torah after they escaped captivity from Babylon. The name is thought to be an abbreviation of Azaryahu which means “God helps” or “God protects.” Traditionally, Ezra has been used as a masculine name for children, but variations have been used to name baby girls as it also sounds feminine.

What Does Ezra Mean?

The meaning of Ezra is to help or protect.The name symbolizes hope or a new beginning since it denotes freedom from slavery for the Jews. It is commonly used for naming boys, but feminine variants of Ezra have also been used for girls.


The name Ezra originates from Hebrew and is considered a timeless name for those who honor the teachings of the Bible. Ezra played a significant role in rebuilding the kingdom of Jerusalem and was a biblical prophet in the 5th century. The original version of Ezra was a long variant known as Azaryahu, and it is steadily gaining popularity in larger families. Ezra denotes the spiritual aspects of the Jewish community and celebrates their freedom from the clutches of captivity. There are multiple forms of this name, with the most popular variants having Greek and Latin origins.






2 syllables


4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

There are multiple Ezra name variations, especially in the Bible and Greek and Latin variants, where Ezra is referred to as Esdras. Different cultures have different perceptions of the name, and some attach religious significance to it. Ezra is not common in the frequency of usage, but it is recognized as a unique and popular choice. Some variants of the name come from the Old Testament, while others are inspired by celebrities, actors, and famous historical figures. The most popular other spellings for Ezra are:

Name Origin
Azariah Hebrew
Azur Hebrew
Esdras Hebrew
Ezri Hebrew
Ezrah Hebrew
Ezer Hebrew
Esra Hebrew
Uzair Arabic
Eleazar Hebrew
Ezera Hebrew

How Popular is The Name Ezra?

According to the official Social Security Administration statistics, Ezra ranked #44 in the popularity index in 2020 and is becoming one of the top 100 names for baby boys. Over the years, it had steadily climbed in ranks, with 2020 being the year when the names popularity was the highest, implying a high Ezra baby name ranking. In terms of how commonly it is used, not many use this name which means it doesn’t have much competition in the general population.

Interest in Ezra – Worldwide

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Over the last ten years, search trends for Ezra have recorded consistent search popularity of over 30, reaching a scale of 100 in November 2018 on the decade-long popularity scale for the name. The lowest recorded popularity index was 26 in August 2011.

Interest in Ezra – the US

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The popularity graph for Ezra in the US is highly volatile, with immensely fluctuating trends. While the most popularity was recorded in April 2020, recording 100 on the popularity scale, the name recorded the lowest popularity in April 2012 with just 23.

Popularity of the name Ezra

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where is The Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Ezra Worldwide

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Ezra is most searched in Ireland and second highest in the United Kingdom. Countries like Singapore, New Zealand, and Kenya show the most hits in search trends for this name worldwide. Ezra gained popularity in England during the 17th century and shows prevalent use in the land of Kenya.

Search trends of Ezra in the US

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Utah is the city where the most searches for Ezra emerged from in the last decade. The top 5 cities where Ezra is most searched in the United States are Utah, the District of Colombia, Idaho, Vermont, and New York.

Middle Names That go With Ezra

Ezra tends to go reasonably well with classic, traditional, and long English names like Benjamin, Alexander, and Matthew. It is essential to choose a middle name that suit’s your child’s personality. Thus, some suitable double names with Ezra include:

Bennett Christopher
Damien Flynn
Harrison Jeremiah
Lance Matthew
Alexander Benjamin
Percival Rodrick
Nolan Vincent
Wesley Hudson
Leo Pierce
Archer Lawrence



Famous People Named Ezra

Ezra has been used by famous personalities worldwide, from TV stars, athletes, songwriters, and creative professionals. Some famous personalities named Ezra are as follows:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Ezra Miller American Actor
George Ezra English Singer and Songwriter
Ezra Klein American Journalist
Ezra Pound Poet
Ezra Koenig Pop Singer
Ezra Frech Runner
Ezra Sosa Dancer
Ezra Taft Benson Politician
Ezra Voss Tik Tok Star
Ezra Weisz Voice Actor
Ezra Furman Rock Singer
Ezra Levant Activist

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby-names like Ezra have ancient roots seated deep in history. Ezra families have moved countries over time, and one can find many instances of family names for Ezra in the USA, UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Other names for Ezra include:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Hezray James
Eezera Sebastian
Izra Ryan
Ozra Wyatt
Yzra Jack
Ezrj Jonathan
Ezrioha Julian
Jude Levi
Ezrou Charles
Esraz Adrian

Names That Sound Like Ezra

Various names rhyme with Ezra and give parents a modern alternative to traditional English titles. Some of these have a religious significance, while the rest conform with the latest naming trends. Here’s a list of famous names that sound similar to Ezra.

Deborah Ferrah
Zara Aaron
Levi Samuel
Jacob Artus
Daniel Akiva
Asher Andor
Ezekiel Artus
Seth Clark
Raffi David
Isaac Gideon

Sibling Names Related to Ezra

When you’re naming your child Ezra and have siblings in the family, it is crucial to pick names that complement its variations naturally. There are many brother and sister names for Ezra, with brother names for Ezra including Arlo and Trista, which are very popular among parents. Here is a list of sibling names that go with Ezra:

Sister Names for Ezra Brother Names for Ezra
Lyra Caleb
Margot Leander
Shae Atlas
Flynn Orion
Isla River
Jett Malachi
Zoe Tristan
Amelia Leif
Rosie Micah
Cara Evander

Nicknames For Ezra

Nicknames for Ezra are perfect for addressing your child in casual or informal settings. There are other spellings for Ezra and many nicknames tied to it, which you can choose from:

Ezzy Ez
Rah Eli
Elias August
Theodore Theo
Silas Esra
Ezer Ezrah
Azariah Azur
Azar Ezri
Ezzro Ray

Ezra has a lot of cultural and religious significance in many countries worldwide, primarily in nations with a large Jewish following. Ezra reached the top 100 in the U.S. in 2015 for the first time and steadily rose in ranks following years. In consideration of this, while Ezra is a fairly unique name, it is gaining prominence and usage fast. So, if you want your child to have a name ahead of its time, then Ezra is the perfect option for you!


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Ezra Name Interest Across The World: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2011-08-11%202021-08-11&q=ezra

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