Discover The Relationship Your Baby Has With His Lovey

Discover The Relationship Your Baby Has With His Lovey

As your baby learns to navigate through life, your baby’s lovey comforts him in everyday situations! Why does your baby share this special bond with his lovey?

Just like most babies, your baby might be fond of soft objects, colorful soft toys, stuffed animals, and other comfortable objects that he likes to play with. Quite a few times, babies form a comfort attachment with one of these objects that they carry around with them everywhere and often bring to bed for a comfortable and soothing night! These special objects are called ‘loveys’ and can be anything from a security blanket to a soft toy.
If your baby has a lovey, we’re sure you would want to know more about his adorable relationship with this lovey and we have you covered! Scroll below to know what behavior shows the signs that your baby has a lovey and the reasons behind this behavior:

1. Your Baby Caresses His Lovey

You will find your little one hugging his lovey and caressing it. Your baby may like to stroke lovey’s hair and face and crawl or walk around the house carrying the lovey in his hands. By adoring the lovey, your baby self-soothes and cheers himself up.

2. Your Baby Won’t Like Sharing His Lovey

Lovey is special to your little one so your baby won’t like to share it with anyone else. If any other kid tries to play with or uses his lovey, your baby may protest and reach out to grab and get his lovey back from the hands of the other kid instantly. You may also find your baby crying out aloud if someone takes away his lovey and refuses to return his lovey back. This is for the simple reason that the lovey soothes and comforts and him and thus, without it, your baby feels uncomfortable.

3. Your Baby Talks With Lovey

Another interesting thing about your baby’s relationship with his lovey would be that you may find your baby talking and holding conversations with his lovey. If your baby has not yet started speaking out the words properly, you may find your baby making sounds and babbling at his lovey.

4. Your Baby Stops Crying When He Sees The Lovey

If you find it difficult to calm down your crying baby, handing over his favorite lovey helps him stop crying and play with it. The lovey is you baby’s comfort object and one of the best options to pacify your crying little one due to your baby’s attachment to it.

5. Your Baby Needs Lovey While Sleeping

As your baby develops an attachment with the lovely, you will find him having his favorite soft toy near him during his sleep time. The presence of lovey while sleeping soothes your little one. Also, if you are finding it difficult to put your little one to sleep, handing over his lovey can help you make your baby go to sleep in no time.

6. Your Baby Insists On Taking The Lovey Out

When you take your baby outdoors for a change, your little one may insist on having his lovey along with him. Your baby feels comfortable in unknown situations with a known and comforting presence of his lovey and thus, will insist on taking along his lovey with him wherever he goes.

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