When You Deserve Something, Yet Do Not Want It

When You Deserve Something, Yet Do Not Want It

I’m a housewife. It’s been three years since our marriage. Couples know what they have to go through in some families about not have a baby soon after they get married.

Even I went through the same in my family with my mother. It was always emotional blackmail. Especially if there are any relatives around. (You know what I mean)

It was not like we didn’t want a baby in our life. It was just this that we were not ready yet. Even though I don’t have any problem getting pregnant, I had to listen to some things like I might be having fertility issues and should consult a doctor. Most of the time it has caused so much anxiety and emotional depression.

But actually, the truth about not having a baby was that I was scared about being a mom. So I was covering it by saying I’m not ready yet.

I have always loved babies but I was scared because I had this feeling. What if I can’t be a good mother? What if I can’t take good care of my baby? What if this…. what if that brought so many questions to my mind.
Since my husband is not that much emotionally supportive, I was left alone with these feelings.

But one of my friends came in at the right time and advised me by giving her own example. She told me to stop looking at the negative side of good things and told me to believe in myself first.
And I did believe and took my chance and I had a baby boy who is now stepping into his seventh month tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing?

I’m so grateful that I never let myself down in this decision. I am having a great time with my baby boy.

I know there are many of you out there who are going through what I have gone through.

Please trust me and give yourself a chance. I’m sure you’re never going to regret that because ‘Motherhood is a beautiful feeling’ that can never be explained in words.

I hope it relieves your mind. You are going to be a happy and proud blessed mother one day. Thank you!

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