Super Moms of the Modern Era - Smart and Efficient

Super Moms of the Modern Era – Smart and Efficient

She was brought up with quality education and facilities .  Equality in everything around her.  She was told to be brave always ,be bold and face everything . She was open minded to think all to be equal in opportunities and abilities .  The society one day reminded her to think as a woman when she turned 24 .

She was confident enough to face every proposal came to her , some were good , some saw her as a quality asset for wealth and luxury . Some were eager to make her to an eye candy sitting idle at home . None of these appealed to her, yet she agreed to something she found interesting in him just to later found that every household has a female born to tolerate everything in the family whether it is mother or daughter . Only names vary , situations never changes anywhere .

So what was to be done , she became a super mom , behaved as if mature always .
She cooked three times a day for all forgetting what she ate everyday. That just doesn’t matter ,isn’t it ..

She washed every dirty cloth making her appearance shabby in turn.
She started waking up early in the morning to make her home a sweet heaven .
Even though , she did not get the applause for her noble deeds and dedication to family , she was happy because she had in her the spirit to reach higher levels in her life , she had in her an unending drive for her job. Whoever whatever discouraged her, she managed all and went on in life to create something special in her own life. She lived silently there for others thinking big plans for herself.

She thought in her mind , those who think that life is just food and clothes I try my level best to please them ,but I will do my part .I will go ahead in life to distances you even can’t imagine.

When you have a place in mind as sure . you will reach your destination one day or the other .You will definitely get paths to get there  ,even shortcuts will take you there.

Patience is golden , be a super mom ,wait for some one to come with you. That will be  your proper time when God will accompany you. Think good ,do good and wait ,wait ,wait… for desirable outcomes in this lifetime .  Her thoughts flooded like anything .

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