What Kids See Is What They Learn - Understand Your Child Instead of Making Them Understand!

What Kids See Is What They Learn – Understand Your Child Instead of Making Them Understand!

We always want our kids to behave. But, have we thought about how it will happen? We always have a long list of dos and don’ts ready for them, and we keep repeating them every day. The catch is – why should they follow these rules just because we as parents are instructing them to do so?

Our list of instructions only makes things boring and monotonous for the kids, who later on start feeling restricted.

Instead of telling them what to do, start telling them why to do what they’ve been asked to do. If they know the reason behind that, they could follow instructions better.

If you see their toys or belongings are scattered here and there, instead of showing your anger and instructing them to tidy up, ask for their help. Children feel proud when they help their elders. Ask them, “Beta could you please help me clean this up?“. They would joyfully jump to help.

If your child is a fussy eater, don’t force them to eat. Try asking their help in cooking and make them participate in the cooking activity by saying, “Would you please help me today in making dinner? Could you please get me two tomatoes beta?“, You may ask them to put salt and spices into the food or help you wash veggies, etc. This will make them proud, and they would surely like to taste what they have made themselves.

Don’t scold them on their mistakes. We all make mistakes, right? Just imagine you have made a mistake, and the other person starts yelling and hitting you. How would you feel then?

Children are very sensitive. We must respect their feelings. Let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. Tell them how talking or discussing their mistakes openly would only help them avoid the same in future. Share all your stupid and foolish acts when you yourself were a kid and how you learnt from your mistakes and avoided them thereafter. Sharing your good and bad experiences would help them add to their experiences. They could relate your lessons with their own mistakes. This will help them build a strong personality and become well-behaved, responsible kids.

Make them believe that you are their best friend, saviour and their best guide who is equally fun-filled a person as they are.

Remember – Don’t try to be a master and rule your child; instead, help them understand how they themselves can be their best master when they grow up.

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