The Tiny One Who Gave Love and Faith to Us

The Tiny One Who Gave Love and Faith to Us

It was like any other day. House full of guests and chores to be done. I was having an active pregnancy as my lil one inside never troubled me. Next morning, I was unusually tired and restless. Had cramps at peculiar spots. The next events started to happen. I had spotting too. I had gone through all the books and websites to find out I gonna deliver my lil one very soon. When I went to the hospital the contractions started, followed by cervix opening upto 4 cm. But still things weren’t smooth, I was only 35 weeks with breech baby. Quickly shifted to the operation theatre and after a few minutes, they handed me a tiny gem of 2 kgs. I went crazy over her, she was taken to NICU even before I could smell her. It was critical- she had immature lungs. She had troubled breathing like other premiees. Only if she learns to latch up she can be healthy and normal, these were the doctor’s words. I prayed to all the Gods in the world.

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Next morning 4:05am, she finally latched up successfully breathing without any assistance, looking deep into mumma’s eyes and she was like saying” I don’t want to trouble you any more mumma”, bringing tears to my eyes, my breasts felt heavy to feed her more and more. My love, my world is all good and fine now am enjoying my parenthood. Although raising a preemie is challenging, you will slowly learn to love your life and the strong mother’s instinct is more than any doctor and medicine. She is different from other babies yes, she receives more love and care than a normal baby would have. She reaches her milestones with delay. But yes, I love to teach her and watch her slowly reaching each of her achievement bound within me.
So believe in you and your baby.. happy parenting.. cheers…!!!

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