Learning vs Marks - Education Affecting Culture and Behaviour of People

Learning vs Marks – Education Affecting Culture and Behaviour of People

Just a thought came to my mind about why education is so important?

I have even observed that – no matter whatever religion or caste one follows, the real behaviour is a reflection of whether one is educated or not.

Now the question is what is education and how does it affect?

Achieving a degree is what you call education? Then the answer is clear Big NO.

A person needs constant learning for development. That is one should call real education.

In the last few decades, we have seen gradually a shift in the mindset of the society and people. We all consider this change as a result of higher education. Agreed that education indeed helps in providing a foundation for future life, but how it actually plays role is not yet discussed much.

In the past, there was no education and therefore, there were was rigidity in the society and culture and which is now converted in a so-called modern age where we apply more flexibility than the authoritative way.

But is it something that is actually taught in the textbooks, lectures, syllabus and so on? I don’t think so.

The main thing for this change is ‘Exposure’ and ‘Freedom to Explore’

When a child goes to school or for higher education, they get actual exposure to the outside world which is out of one’s own control and that plays an actual role in the development and flexibility.

Earlier people were neither getting education nor meeting various people and they were just staying in their own safe zone, which didn’t let them find opportunities to learn and take a chance. And that was the reason of their belief of always being right on the things they are following like a sheep.

If you have noticed, even in past, those who were less educated but had good exposure to the outside world in any manner were more open to change.

So, the point is that focus should be on education in respect of learning more and more and not on just getting good score or degree. As at the end, what matters is your mind and not your degree.

And the key to a successful happy life is the dynamic mind which develops from exposure and freedom of taking a chance of one’s own.

When a person goes out of their comfort zone, say for example, for study or for work, apart from the routine expected from him/her, the outer environment adds to the development process and provides a platform to learn new ways to deal in life.

Education is not only available at educational institutes but everywhere in surroundings. One just needs to open wings of mind to explore and get exposure.

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