Thank You, Baby Girl, for Saving Me From My Darkest Times.

Dearest baby girl,

You were long awaited. I vividly remember the day I held the positive test kit in my hands. Your dad and I decided that we’ll go to your grandparents’ place (my parents) for the best care.

God had other plans. You were the only good in my life. During the 9 months, Dad had issues with work and family. We had a fall out. But, Nana, Nani, Mama and Maasi stood by me. Nana-Nani made sure we were monitored by the best gynaecologist in the best hospital in Mumbai. All our cravings were fulfilled, even the strangest ones like hot chips with ice cream. You always wanted spicy food, and you still do! I am grateful that I had no nausea throughout, but the heart burns! Nani made fresh pomegranate juice everyday to ease them.

One fond memory I have is when you showed me a thumbs-up during one of the scans. And how I had to wait for hours through scans, so you would turn. Even our doctor said that you were strong-willed and stubborn. The kicks from inside my tummy were out of this world. It made me wonder how I have this precious life inside me. And I prayed for you to be perfect.

Mentally, I was in a dark place. There were days I contemplated my existence. Why am I here, when I am just a pain to everybody? Then you saved me. You are the reason I am alive. I made it a point that I will raise you to be an independent person with dreams as big as this universe. I will show you the world and make sure you be everything you want to be.

Today, times are better. Your dad and I want to give you a happy home and childhood like mine. There are days when I am tired of your shenanigans, but I still love you. I am and will always be there for you, under every circumstance.

Thank you for saving my life and being my rock.


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