My Witchy Eyebrows and My Mom's Reaction!

My Witchy Eyebrows and My Mom’s Reaction!

Let’s jump into my childhood memories! I was on my annual vacation during 5th grade. I was the kind of child who was always looking and searching for some or the other thing in the house, and wanted to explore it and play with it. One fine day, I got to see my daddy’s shaving razor, and decided to explore it! Sometimes at home, I had noticed my dad use the razor to remove his moustache or beard. So, I took the razor happily from his cupboard with so much excitement within me, and tried to remove hair on my wrist. Yes, it did work. However, I wasn’t satisfied, since those were only tiny hairs on my wrist.

So, I took it one step further, and decided to experiment with my eyebrows – and I created a witch! Yes, I removed half of my eyebrows, that too only on one side. When I looked into a mirror, I was totally shocked. So, in order to match the sides, I wiped off the other side as well. Finally, both were matching, but no hair was left in the place of the eyebrows!

Then, I got into panic mode. My mom was a strict teacher, and she was about to come home! By that time I had realized that I’d done something ridiculous, and needed to bring my eyebrows back before my mom returned home. I was praying to all the Gods to bring back my eyebrows! I applied coconut oil. No luck. Nothing worked out, unfortunately.

Finally, mom reached home, and I’d decided to apply kajal in the place of my eyebrows to make myself look like a normal human. But, no! Since my mom was a teacher, she figured out that I’d explored something by myself, and the result had her awestruck. She was unable to react, looking at my witchy eyebrows, neither laughing or nor wanting to beat me badly.

Ah, it took one solid month for my eyebrows to grow back! This was one of my best, funniest, most adventurous, and most serious childhood memories. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and make sure your kids don’t try this at home at any cost!

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