Product Review: Babyhug Heat Sensitive Spoons - A Set of 2

Product Review: Babyhug Heat Sensitive Spoons – A Set of 2

While shopping for baby products, I came across Babyhug Heat Sensitive Spoons and I found them very useful. Heat sensitive is an innovative feature and I found it very good for little ones. There are several times when we burn our tongue when eating; so when this can happen with adults, it’s only normal with babies and older kids. Children are more prone to such accidents.

These spoons can be used for older kids as well. Although they understand, what ‘hot’ means, they can burn their tongue accidentally and hurt themselves in the process. These spoons can save such mishaps by letting the child know that they need to wait before gulping down the next big bite. The only flaw I could detect was that these spoons are not available in a bigger size. Otherwise, it’s a great product and it’s definitely value for money. I would say that it is a must-buy for moms who are planning to wean their babies off breast milk or formula milk. You will find it convenient to use as you won’t have to keep checking the temperature of the food.

If we talk about the grip of this spoon, it’s very good and the spoon has a perfect size, which makes it very easy to hold for a 4-month-plus baby. The touch is really soft, so no chance of the child getting
hurt. Softness is a feature which is most used when the child is teething so while eating, a baby has a habit of chewing the spoon, and steel spoons can hurt. But that’s not the case with these spoons as they are very soft and bend easily.

I also find them very easy to clean. I use a mild baby detergent and wash it after every use with water. These spoons can even be sterilized. These spoons are made of silicone so no plastic is used, which is again a great feature.

I would really recommend new moms to buy these spoons for their babies who have just weaned and have started on semi-solids and solids. You should give them these spoons and let them explore their food and enjoy it.

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