My Beautiful Pregnancy Journey

My Beautiful Pregnancy Journey

“Hello, baby. This is your momma. Yes, you will call me mom when you come out.”

These were my first words to my little baby when I had started my pregnancy journey. My pregnancy journey was a beautiful one; it was a healthy one, and I was very energetic and active. Little did I know that it is all the naughtiness of the baby inside me.

My baby was very active. She had started kicking inside the tummy very soon. I used to talk to her, gently massage my belly daily, sleep and wake up with her, wishing goodnight and good morning every single day. It was my first pregnancy, so I was anxious as well as excited. I did a pregnancy ramp walk too and won the title! My daughter has always been lucky to me. Touchwood. My husband band I both wanted a daughter, and God granted us this wish too.

We are very happy with our little angel. Exactly after nine months, she came into this world. She didn’t trouble; neither when she was in the tummy, nor during the delivery. It’s all God’s grace. She is God’s own child. Thank you, God.

Unlike other to-be-moms, I didn’t puke even once; I had no morning sickness. I just ate a lot because I had a lot of cravings. My little baby used to crave for instant noodles and dosas and chocolates and ice creams. And, she got it all.

I used to read to her sometimes and made her listen to soothing music, including bhajans. Walking and talking was our routine, too. I had a small and sweet baby shower also to welcome my baby girl. We loved her when she was inside my tummy and adore her, even more, when she is outside.

I used to go to breastfeeding seminars, exercise and yoga classes. I indulged in several games and activities with her. I even thought of some beautiful names and had put pictures in the room of cute little angels.

I did some shopping in the 3rd trimester for my little cutie. This good news was given to my husband on our anniversary. He was shocked as well as happy and teary-eyed. We loved every bit of our pregnancy journey.

I had prepared my hospital bag weeks before it was time to go to the hospital. I was so excited!

My nine months were so good I want to become a mom again and give my daughter a sibling.

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