In the Times of COVID-19 - How to Ensure the Safety of Our Little Ones

In the Times of COVID-19 – How to Ensure the Safety of Our Little Ones

I am a mom to an 8-month-old and have a full-time corporate job. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, I have been allowed to work at home. One good thing about this is, of course, I can keep my family safe and also spend more time with them. My husband works in the financial sales sector, and he has to go out daily and meet lots of people.  Plus, I have 2 house helps coming to work every day. So what do we do to ensure my little daughter is safe?
Here are some measures we have adopted:
➡ My husband avoids handshakes at all his business meetings. He practices namaste now!
➡ We avoid going to any crowded or public place. We are practising #SocialDistancing and avoid any gatherings. If we have to, we wear a mask in public places.
➡ We both ensure to wash our hands frequently & properly for at least 20 seconds with soap, whether at home or work. And we always wash our hands before picking up or touching our child.
➡ While I operate from home,  my hubby too is trying to schedule as many virtual meetings as possible.
➡ We keep a sanitiser in our car, and despite being avid travellers, we have put all our outstation travel plans on hold, including unnecessary social meets.
➡ The first thing both our house helps, the cook and the nanny, do as they enter the house is wash their hands. The nanny washes her hands before she cooks for the baby, or after she cleans up. She also takes extra care to wash the fruits and vegetables before cooking.
➡ After touching any home delivery box, I always make sure to wash my hand.
➡ Currently, we are washing and sun-drying my daughter’s toys, sheets etc every alternate day. Sun drying is a must-do!
My little one and our family’s safety comes first, but work is very important as well, whether it’s the job, commitment to the organisation, or personal growth and security.
The most important thing is that we are aware of and follow all the advised precautions, and do not get caught in the web of misinformation around us. We must remember that not only ours but the health of the people around us also depends on us. Panic is not the solution. Prevention is!

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