Motherhood - Life-changing Experience

Motherhood – Life-changing Experience

Let me tell about my love life first. After ten long years of relationship, marriage seemed to be the best thing in my life. But becoming a mother was far far more enthralling. It’s just two and a half months ago when I gave birth to my son.
I had a normal delivery. The pain during labour and birth was extreme but the moment I heard and saw my baby I forgot all.
Initial days were tough, breastfeeding, understanding my babies need, sleepless nights etc.
I would fear that I will fail as a mother but as days passed, a strong and stronger bond was being formed between me and my son.
His first smile, his first sad face, his first vaccine, every second with him seems to give me happiness. Now that he recognises my voice and responds to it with a big smile makes my heart melt.
I cannot imagine a second without him. Being a doctor myself and a working lady who has responsibilities of a daughter-in-law also, leaving my baby at home seems to be a nightmare.
As days are passing by, my confidence as a mother is growing. My partner is also helpful and supportive. Fathers also play an important role for you to become a good mother. Their help and support during initial tough days of motherhood will be always remembered by both of you.
I am now getting so much habituated of being a mother that I don’t like any other relationship.
Let me conclude by telling that becoming a mother made me respect my mother a thousand times more. I realised how much my mom had struggled and given me so much of her time from her life which she could easily enjoy.

So please respect your mothers. It is the relationship that demands nothing. It only gives and gives, doesn’t want back anything.

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