Treat Cold in Kids Without Medication - Healthy Children With a Humidifier

Treat Cold in Kids Without Medication – Healthy Children With a Humidifier

It is very common for infants and toddlers to catch a cold, flu, dry cough and then suffer from congestion because of their weak immune system. This often leads your little one being extremely irritated and cranky. Well, a simple solution to this is – let’s use a humidifier.

Now comes a very important question – What is a humidifier? It’s is a moderately small portable device which adds moisture to air to prevent dryness, helps ease congestion, bloody nose, dry cough,
cold and even flu.

Hearing of lots of side effects, not many mothers use such devices, however, I feel every mother should know the benefits of it and should start using it for their toddlers.

Why Humidifiers?

One of the foremost benefits of it is maintaining the humidity level of the room. These are especially helpful during the winters when your little one`s lips become chapped. This device adds moisture to the air. Our babies are very prone to congestion and can easily catch cold
and flu, humidifiers can surely prevent this.
Every baby’s skin is very sensitive and tends to develop red patches during the winter season leading to irritation. A humidifier can ease out this
condition too.

Some Benefits of Using Humidifiers

  • Easy to clean
  • Drains less electricity
  • Produces a humming sound which is very soothing for the baby

Types of Humidifiers

1. Hot Mist Humidifier

This is a kind of humidifier which has a heating element inside. This element heats up the water inside to 100 degrees Celsius and then releases warm vapour in the room. However, this
is not very suitable to children as it might throw out some hot water which
might cause burns

2. Cold Mist Humidifiers

This type of humidifier does not heat the water. On the contrary, the water is passed over wick and the vapour is expelled out. These type of humidifiers have to be taken special care of but are the most suitable for children.

3. Table Top Humidifier

As the name suggests, it is a type of humidifier which emits vapour where it is located. it is one of the most popular choices, easy to clean and portable.

4. Console Humidifier

It is a comparatively larger humidifier that can be used to maintain the humidity level of the entire house. It can hold around 5 gallons of water on an average.

5. In-Duct Humidifier

This type of humidifier is an expensive one and works on a large scale with the help of duct.

My recommendation is to use a tabletop humidifier as it is quite economical, easy to clean and portable too.

Some Important Questions

1. Do We Really Need a Humidifier?

Well, the answer is yes we do. In today’s time, there are various virus and bacteria that thrive in the air and cause deadly diseases like pneumonia.  Hence, it is very important for us to protect our little ones and take all possible precautions.

2. Does it Have Any Side Effects?

Everything has side effects and so do humidifiers. If you use humidifiers is excess or not in the correct way, some risks are the growth of moulds, an increase in the humidity level. Use of humidifiers in moderation is the answer.

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