How Children Speak Largely Depends on How We Speak to Them

Its music to our ears when we hear our babies making their very first sounds. It’s almost as if our hearts will melt. It sounds so good that we often respond to them in the same manner. But, I talk to my 5-year-old son the way I would talk to anyone. Occasionally we do go back to our baby talks, but if we keep the conversation as regular as possible. This practice has helped him speak much earlier. Children imitate what they hear. So, speaking to them in clear words and talking to them like we would normally talk to anyone, makes them aware of the way they have to speak. For example, “Hi kiddo, how have you been? Did you play with mommy or dadda? Talking to your child helps them learn new words and communicate effectively.

So, when should you start? That’s another question all parents have in mind. We assume babies don’t understand our language when we speak, but whatever way we speak to them becomes their way of talking. Believe me, it has worked so much for me, and it’s not based on any study or some online blog that I came across. It’s purely based on my experience. If my son can say ” Tyrannosaurus Rex ” and “Micropachycephalosaurus” at age 3, anyone can. We just have to give them the right cue. For anyone who is wondering how to start talking to their children, I’d say give this a try – speak to them as you would speak to others. I am sure it will help you prepare the budding orators to take on this world with confidence. Happy parenting!

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