Activities That Toddlers Can Learn to Play and Play to Learn!

Encouraging toddlers to explore the right things since the very beginning to enhance their psychological, and mental development is crucial in today’s world. Technology has taken over us completely and it is becoming more and more important to engage our children in activities that are beneficial for their future.

Children nowadays are influenced and spoilt to a great extent by technology. They have access to mobile phones, the internet, online social media platforms, games, etc. And, who’s the culprit? It’s us, we are to be blamed! We are so busy working that we tend to forget our responsibilities sometimes. I realised that providing opportunities for physical and mental development to my kid is vital and, therefore, I have taken the initiative to begin doing some fun activities at home with my child to help her learn and he plays and play as she learns.

I decided to decrease screen time for my little one and engage her in various activities & games!

I have enlisted some activities that I encouraged my 3-year-old kid to do. Although many of these activities can be done by older and younger toddlers together, you have to know your child’s abilities and can choose suitable activities and games.

Here are some of the amazing, cost-free & fun activities for toddlers:

  1. Colour matching – This is one activity that I keep doing on a daily basis so that my kid becomes familiar with colours, I use coloured ice cream sticks and sort them as I say the name of the colour loudly.
  1. Toddler science activity – Wherein I let my kid explore objects that sink and float in water.
  1. Bath time is a fun time – During this activity, my kid learns to gauge the depth and height of water in a bathtub. I also let her throw toys in it and figure out what sinks and what doesn’t!
  1. Fun with whipped cream – One fun activity that I make my daughter do is, spraying basic shaving spray or whipped cream on a baking sheet, adding a few drops of different food colours to it and let her swirl her hands in it!
  1. Flour dough – This is another fun activity that will keep kids busy. Take some flour and add water and let them feel it or make something out of it. You can give them some shapes also.
  1. Decorating activity, I give her a plastic box and stickers of her choice. Then she randomly sticks and decorates the box. It lets her understand space value and develops her motor skills.
  1. Beach time play – She misses going to the beach for this activity, but I made a beach area at my home with some sand. She carries her trucks and buckets to fill sand and play!
  1. Counting – I make her learn numbers and teach counting to develop her pre-math skills with basic things available in the house, such as leaves and flowers.
  1. Reading – Imagination and cooperative play is important, so I make her read storybooks and also make new stories while playing with her favourite toys. This activity helps her develop her imagination.
  1. Outdoor Activities – Of course, I forgot to mention the outdoor activities she loves, such as playing cricket and football.
  1. Moral Values – The most important activity I instilled from the very beginning is learning moral values such as saying welcome, thank you, excuse me, to name a few.This activity also helps in learning basic English language.
  1. Painting – This is my toddler’s favourite activity. Although she is a messy painter, I let her paint and mix the colours to explore them.

These are some simple yet fun activities I keep doing on a daily basis to encourage my kid to become active and stay away from the screens for a few hours at least!?

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