Millennial Moms and the Pressure of Doing it all

I can’t believe I am breastfeeding and writing about this, but I have been intrigued by the idea of a millennial mother. Yes, the word millennial is defined as a specific period in which one is born (usually mid 1980s to late 1990s). However, I believe a Millennial Mommy is much more than that. We have placed so much pressure on ourselves to do it all. I want to manage my household, make a budget and stick to it, cook my meals, indulge in some TLC, have a stable career, exclusively breastfeed (it’s an extremely daunting task) and obviously be there for Dia, my daughter at all times. Amongst all of this, my biggest fear is of losing out on my career.

Recently, I was talking to one of my ex-colleagues, who is five months pregnant about how she missed out on an opportunity to work on a project solely because she is pregnant. I love how the managers put it– “We care for you and would want you to take complete rest during this period and miss out on a life-changing opportunity! As if, this is precisely what I needed when I am hormonally challenged.

After consecutively working for close to six and a half years, I quit my job when I was five months pregnant. I am open to opportunities now that Dia is here. I was even interviewed by one of those firms that promote equality. But, I rejected the offer mainly because they told me that I was home for such a long time and this is the best they could offer. Sorry, I am not getting into a firm where I have to lower my self-esteem and leave my three months old daughter for a minimal raise.

When I was scrolling through my Instagram stories the other day, I happened to see a co-founder of a firm whose application is used by everyone to pay off their credit card payments. He casually mentioned that it is better to hire more men than women in the workforce. I could not believe that someone who is so innovative with their ideas can have such an orthodox point of view. Anyway, the statistics for working women look horrendous, and with such corporate leaders, it’s just to going to get worse. I read somewhere that one of the best career decisions one can ever make is to choose the right person to marry. At least, I have done that bit right!

For now, I am enjoying Dia’s farts while thinking about my next corporate negotiation.

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