Life is Beautiful, Don’t Quit! Be Happy and Keep Smiling

Life is Beautiful, Don't Quit! Be Happy and Keep Smiling, Always!

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I am a differently-abled girl born at seven months. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy diplegia when I was 2 years old. Yes, the way I walk is a little different and my posture is different too. Yet, my needs and thinking are the same as yours.

Life has been a little different for me since my birth. It included several visits to doctors for physiotherapy and going here and there to find the right treatment. As a child, I felt weird when people or children stared at me and asked questions to their parents. But slowly, I learnt to take it in my stride and move on.

I was blessed with the most amazing parents who always taught me to never give up and enjoy life the way it is given to us. My father always told me that I was lucky because God chose me for this. God knew I could handle it well and still achieve my goals. Life might have been a little different for me, but learning to accept it is the best way to live – that’s what I have learned.

There are lot of things I couldn’t do in my childhood – the things that children of my age would do like wearing fancy shoes, going to the disco, or playing sports, but life is much more than this. I learnt to enjoy coffee outings and lunch dates with friends. My parents made sure I got the best education and always made sure they treated me well so I could develop my self worth and were proud of me.

With all the support I got from my parents and physiotherapist, today I can say that I am a successful woman. I am a counseling psychologist professionally. I am happily married and a proud mother of 2 lovely sons, aged 7 years and 1.6 years respectively.

When I can be successful in all walks of life, I believe everyone can. Remember that whenever God gives you a problem, please don’t say, “Why me?”, instead say, “TRY ME!” When God takes away one ability from you, he blesses you with something else. So don’t lose hope, ever!

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