The Importance of Mental Wellness During Pregnancy

The Importance of Mental Wellness During Pregnancy

The most beautiful feeling in the world is when you see those 2 pink lines on a pregnancy test kit and you jump with joy! At last, this moment has come in your life when the creator has chosen you to create! We moms have the biggest magical power to create.

Pregnancy is just not about nutrition and healthy habits. It’s the complete process of creation where we moms act as programmers. We have the power to programme each and every cell of our baby’s body through our mindset and thought pattern. Like in order to get a healthy plant we need to use the best quality of seed, soil, environment, etc. Similarly, we need to nurture our baby with the best quality of thoughts along with healthy food.

I would like to offer some great practices to you which can enhance your baby’s emotional growth and development right from inception and will help you and your partner to make your pregnancy experience much more wonderful.

1. Gratitude – To receive, we need to give first. Be thankful for this pregnancy each and every moment. Be thankful to your body as it has accepted this pregnancy and is taking care of your little one. Believe me, practising gratitude does wonders!

2. Creative Visualization – Try to take a few minutes off daily and relax for some time. Listen to calming music and practice creative visualisation. It’s a process where you can imagine the best to happen. Imagine what’s happening inside your womb and see your baby’s developments. Take help from pregnancy videos on the internet. Imagine how each cell of your body is co-working to create a magnificent body of your child.

3. Forgive and Declutter Your Mind – You must be decluttering your room and making space for your little bundle of joy these days. That’s important and so is decluttering your mind also very important. Let go off your past. Live in the moment. Start practising forgiveness. Bless people who troubled you for any reason. If you forgive, you will also be forgiven. Be emotionally free from any bondages which have enslaved you and are blocking you from being a magical creator. Do you want your little one’s thoughts to sync with your thinking pattern? Remember you are a programmer. Whatever you think your mind will definitely programme those emotions in your baby’s mind. So feed your baby with positive thoughts!

4. Love – My dearest would be mommies. Believe me, that love is the biggest power in this world. You just have to fill your life with love. First love and accept yourself the way you are. Say this aloud in front of the mirror- “I am God’s wonderful creation and I love the way I am.” Do this every day. Love and accept your hormonal changes, accept the physical changes in your body in a positive way. The stretch marks, dark circles, aches and pains are all normal. They will gradually heal. Don’t panic. Also, accept others the way they are and slowly you will start experiencing a beautiful pregnancy journey with absolutely no room for complaints. Your soul will start to radiate love and your near ones will start loving you more and more.

Just remember pregnancy is a beautiful experience and it’s up to you how much you can add to it. Wish you and your partner a happy and blissful pregnancy!

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